My political thriller will star Sonakshi and Luv Sinha – Umesh Shukla

Umesh Shukla the director of OMG Oh My God, one of 2012's most influential social dramas, is all set to direct a political thriller which would star Sonakshi Sinha and her brother Luv Sinha, though not as siblings.

Umesh, whose last film blew the lid off ritualistic religion, declines to call the Sonakshi- Luv Sinha a family film. "I don't work that way. I don't make films to accommodate actors. The film with Sonakshi and Luv is not going to be a vehicle to spotlight the Sinha family. And it certainly won't star the other members of the family, Shatruji and Punamji. I selected Sonakshi and Luv because they suit the parts."

Umesh says he still has to crack the film's climax. But before that he has another film Mere Apne to start. "This is a social satire with Abhishek Bachchan in the lead. I will be starting this film before the one with Sonakshi and Luv Sinha."

Umesh says there is no pressure on him to commence a film with the Sinha siblings. "It will happen once I complete Mere Apne and crack the climax of the political thriller with Sonakshi and Luv. I am not going to hurry the process just to create an opportunity for the actors."

Umesh Shukla's OMG Oh My God got a raw deal during the season of popular awards that has just gone by.

Says Shukla, "I am not saying we made the greatest film in the world. I am not even saying we deserved to win some of the awards. But considering how much of an impact OMG made we surely deserved to be nominated. Strangely our film was completely sidelined in the nominations. If the popular awards respect box office figures then OMG was closer to the 100-crore mark than the films that got the top awards. So I really don't know how these things work."

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