Censor Board clears Shootout At Wadala with A certificate

Sanjay Gupta can now breathe a sigh of relief. The Censor board Of Film Certification (CBFC ) has passed Shootout At Wadala (SAW) with an 'Adults' certificate, with no visual cuts. However, some of dialogues spoken by John Abraham, Manoj Bajpayee and Tusshar Kapoor have been asked to be cleaned up.

Says a source, "Though Gupta managed to convince the members of the Censor Board to not tamper with the visuals including the substantial violence, when it came to some of the dialogues the Censor Board was unrelenting and insisted that the words be changed."

Apparently, Sanjay Gupta was aware of the hard hitting content and the trouble it may cause with the censors. According to sources, the filmmaker voluntarily removed a whole sequence where debutant Siddhant Kapoor discussed the genesis and relevance of the Hindi expletive 'bhen***d' with his pals.

The censorial axe also fell on a sequence where a cop tells John that it is not his fault that John has turned out the way he has but his mother's fault. The CBFC has ordered that the reference to the mother be removed. In another sequence, Tusshar Kapoor exchanges girl talk with his pal and there's a reference to the Taj Mahal and Shah Jehan which the CBFC has asked to be removed. Also, since no historical or political figure is allowed to be mentioned, the CBFC has asked Gupta to remove a reference made to Subhash Chandra Bose by Manoj Bajpayee."

As for Sunny Leone's controversial and hugely popular item song 'Laila Teri Le Legi', the CBFC has asked Gupta to change 'Le legi' to 'Loot Legi' in certain portions. Says the source, "The CBFC has allowed the words Le Le Legi to remain partially. But they requested Gupta to reduce the number of times the phrase was used. So instead of Le Legi all through audiences will hear Sunny gyrate to 'Laila Loot Legi' halfway through the song."

Says Gupta, "I think the Censor Board has been reasonable with my film. We expected an 'A' certificate and got that. Yeah, they did object to some dialogues. My actors are busy re-dubbing the dialogues that the CBFC wanted changed."

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