Neetu Singh as Action Queen in Besharam?

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Neetu Singh as Action Queen in Besharam?

The queen of her times, Neetu Singh has entered a space that is very new for the actress which is called ‘Action’. Neetu Singh has always had a huge fan following for her romantic, comedy or intense roles

Now for her upcoming film with her son and husband, Besharam, which is the most massy film, the actress will be seen doing a lot of action scenes. Neetu Singh steps out of her comfort zone and takes to action. She has more action sequences than Ranbir in Besharam. She will be seen using guns in the film. The script demanded her to do this and the actress did not have a problem doing this for the film

Neetu will surprise everyone with her action scenes. In fact she had a different experience altogether and had a great time while shooting for this film.

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