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Anthony D'Souza

Four years after Blue, Anthony D'Souza is back with Akshay Kumar for Boss. Except for the first letter of the title, there is absolutely no similarity in the two films, either in terms of genre, stage, setting, presentation, characterization or style. The idea was to start afresh on a clean state and while Akshay went on to do around 15 films in the interim period, Tony (as the director is fondly called) spent weeks and months at stretch to get the right script in place for Akshay to green light.

"The idea was to get a typical 'mardon waali' film," says Tony, "He is a proper He-Man out there on screen; a heroic character which is epitome of what a regular person would want to be. In fact there were a lot of inputs that came from Akshay. These were all spontaneous and impromptu. Like for example at the shooting stage you may envisage something and he may come up with something stupendous."

Since Akshay is someone who works on multiple films, it also means that those who work with him have to be really fast in their execution. Was Tony up for that challenge when he started Boss?

"I wasn't challenged from that perspective because when he comes out there for your film, he is completely your own," says Tony fondly, "You may want him to be there for the shoot as early as you want and he is there. As a director, not once do you feel that he has something else in his mind when he is at your sets. He is totally into the character and up there. Hence there is no fear in your mind."

This is the reason how many things that were put on paper were taken to the next level, courtesy Akshay.

"Right from his walk to the look to the way he speaks to his Haryanvi dialect, there was a lot of homework that Akshay did so that we could progress smoothly once the shooting kick-started," he adds.

As a result, the film promises to be an out and out entertainer on its October 16 release.

"The idea was to present Akshay for what his fans want to see him as. They love him in action and humour and this is what Boss stands for," promises Tony, "We wanted to make a film that entertains the audience. You would get that and a lot more with Boss."

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