Haanssa says Krrish 3 was in her destiny!

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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She debuted with (Late) Jag Mundhra’s Back Waters way back in 2006.. The film never got released in India, But she went ahead and did some Noticeable roles in films such as Page 3, Tom Dick and Harry etc.. Today’s money-spinner Rakesh Roshan’s Krrish 3 also re-launched this actress in role of a Scientist.. Haanssa goes in candid chat with Faisal Saif..

You had always been very patient about your work, How does it feel to be a part of Krrish 3?
Patience is the only virtue I have. Its a competitive world out here. I knew about my dedication and Craft rest all I left on Almighty. I am ambitious but not over the top. I always looked for good work . Still looking. Krrish 3 was destined for me as I was called just 15 days before the first schedule to meet Rakesh ji and before I could blink, I was On as Scientist In the film. And what an amazing experience it has been. Friendly and very Professional atmosphere. Rakesh Sir is a perfectionist and so is Hrithik. Overwhelmed to see their dedication.
How was your Journey so far?
Amazing! From “Page 3” to “Krrish 3 “. What can I say? I began my journey with a cult and National Award winning film and here I am now with a 100 crore club Film. Its exhilarating experience.

You had done small but Noticeable roles in films such as Page 3, Tom Dick and Harry etc, What was your learning experience?
So far I have worked for friends. Yes, And I have been noticed for my performances. Well I did justice to all my characters and people notice that. It feels good when people walk up to you and say good words for your performances. Its sad that my Hollywood film “Backwaters” never got released in India. At least I Know one thing that all my Directors/ friends believed in Me as an Actor. Now its time to spread my wings and do meatier roles.
You are also a Salsa Dancer..
That’s my passion. I simply love dancing and always wanted to grow old with my partner dancing. So learnt Salsa and other Latin American form of dancing. Took my baby step In India and further learnt it in Dubai and Paris. Its very therapeutic for me. Waiting to show it on Big Screen someday.

Any experience from Bollywood which has discouraged you to the core, And still you never gave up?
Hmm. Well truly cant say anything as such but yeah over the period of 10 years, Time has changed and so everyone’ thinking. It feels sad, That after being around for 10 years you still waiting to Exhale. May be I was at fault for not going all out and doing my PR as I was shy. On the hindsight all I can say that ” I am still a fresh face with good work experience ” and that’s what keeps me going .
What are your Future Projects that you are looking forward to?
Que sera sera.
What is your kind of Fashion?
I am not Brand conscious . Having said that, Wherever I get stuff of my choice I buy. Simple clean cut and I am sorted. Comfort is the first requirement. I am comfortable in Saree and also in western clothes .  

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