What Bullett Raja taught us

What Bullett Raja taught us

Bullett Raja released this week and always, there were some understated gems in the film that Bollywood Hungama would like to share with you!

1)  A girl, after being kidnapped, would rather walk down the aisle with her kidnapper and cook Bengali delicacies for his entire gang. All in 24 hours flat!

2)  The second hero will try to be a 'dabangg' for the lady love of his main hero and unnecessarily call back the villain for a fight despite no 'goli' in his 'bandook'.

3)  A hero will do a sequel of his own scene from Race 2 and engineer a fake death without any complain.

4)  A brainless goon would think it is really brainy to escape law by cross-dressing as a woman and making love with another while wearing a saree.

5)  Instead of operating from abroad in a luxurious suite, a political fixer is happy to sip his scotch in a dingy jail, operate in prisoner's uniform and bark 'Don't call me again' to the political bigwigs.

6)  A peck on the cheek doesn't make for a full blow casting couch. The limits have been set by aspiring heroines to take on molesters.

7)  There are still dacoits in Chambal where they copy Gabbar Singh's fashion statement and lust for Bipasha Basu's item numbers. 'LIVE' … in their dens.

8)  The most intelligent way to silence the killer of a hot-shot-high-profile goon is to kill him too. Law be damned!

9)  Bystanders and passer-bys don't run for cover when bullets are spraying from all directions. They stand there and clap as if a boxing bout is taking place in a ring.

10)  When on an escape, best way out is to sing romantic songs with the ladylove in her hometown or dance to 'Tamanchey Pe Disco'. After all, why expect villains to have half the brains who may worry tracking down the heroine of their target.

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