Ten things you must know about R Rajkumar

Ten things you must know about R Rajkumar

1. This is director Prabhu Dheva's first original Hindi film. Wanted, Rowdy Rathore and Ramaiya Vastvaiya were all remakes.
2. The film is about a drug runner in Gujarat. Sonu Sood who plays the villain has almost as much footage as Shahid Kapoor.
3. Neither Shahid nor Sonakshi Sinha have had very successful films lately. Shahid's last hit was Badmaash Company in 2008, and Sonakshi's 4 films this year have all under-performed at the box office. The real star of the film is Prabhu Dheva whose uninterrupted success innings is expected to take the film across to the finish line.
4. The film's original title Rambo Rajkumar was a tribute to the South Indian stunt director of the same name who died young on duty. However, the makers of the Rambo franchise claimed copyright prerogative, leaving Prabhu Dheva with no choice but to use asterisks in place of the hero's first name.
5. In the film, Shahid coins a new term of endearment. Thappi. A combination of a thappad (slap) and a pappi (kiss). Of course Sonakshi happily showers the former on Shahid. Pappi is a no-no. Daddy disapproves.
6. The item song 'Kaddu Katega' features the top Kannada actress Ragini Dwidei along with firangi femme fatale Scarlett Wilson. Prabhu Dheva prefers multiple item girls in one item song. Remember 'Aa Re Pritam Pyare'?
7. Srihari, the seasoned Telugu actor who plays a powerful role, passed away before R… Rajkumar could be completed. His role has been left intact.
8. As per the norm Prabhu Dheva appears in one song alongside Shahid. For once the choreographer-director has a real dancer to dance with.
9. 'Aa Re Pritam Pyare'….Prabhu Dheva has never worked with music composer Pritam Chakraborty before. The filmmaker was kicked about the opportunity that he has now decided to work again with Pritam ASAP.
10. This is Sonakshi's 4th film with Prabhu Dheva. They plan to work together again in the film that Prabhu Dheva will direct with Salman Khan in the lead.

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