People going crazy over Dhoom 3 song search!

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The songs of Dhoom 3 which have been recently released has caught upon by the audience and how. Even when the makers have only given out the 30 seconder teaser promos of each song, it has created immense hype amongst the audience and are now wanting to watch the entire video of all the songs. 

So much so that the audience have started searching for “Dhoom 3 full songs” and “Dhoom 3 complete songs” on various search engines.The search has been done so frequently, that these engines immediately throw up the data when one types Dhoom 3 full song. 

Audiences are searching for the entire video of the song online. However, the marketing plan of the film has been such that the makers are creating immense mystery around the content. Even though the 30 seconder teaser promos have been really liked by the audience, they still can’t get enough of it.

Dhoom 3 which is regarded as the biggest release of 2013 has left no stone unturned in respect with it’s marketing and promotion.
From the very start, Dhoom 1 and Dhoom 2 have been extremely liked by the audience. Not neglecting the fact that the tracks of both these film were equally loved. However this time, the makers have come up with an entire unique strategy. Audiences will only get to witness a 30 seconder teaser cut of all the tracks in the film. This only makes the viewers more curious and eager to get a firsthand experience of the tracks in the theater hall.

In order to experience the entire song, audiences will have to catch the movie in the theaters which is set to release on 20th December.

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