What Gunday taught us

What Gunday taught us

Gunday released this week and there are some understated gems that Bollywood Hungama would like to share with you…

Never trust a Bengali who doesn't like football

Gunday was just another promotional outing for Arjun Kapoor's next Tevar

You may start off as goons, have a meteoric rise a la 'Guru bhai' and includes a legit business that includes owning docks no less. Still, you would insist on calling yourselves 'gunday' at every opportune moment

In early 80s too, the lead heroes were inspired by Salman Khan and indulged in bare body fight. That, when Salman had not yet started acting

It is perfectly normal for a female lead to enter gents washroom and embarrass the hell out of the two male protagonists, what with their dhotis already pulled up

A lawyer would work loyally with these 'gundays' for years and conveniently ignore one of them to put 'angootha' on legal documents, hence rendering him 'kangaal'

When asked to demonstrate their liking for a girl, both boys would sing the same song, dance to the same steps and woo her identically for a week. Still, the girl succeeds in choosing one of the two. Was she a judge at 'Jhalak Dikhla Ja'? Back then in the 80s?

Well, the fact is that back then in the 80s, 'Jimmy Jimmy Aa Ja' [Disco Dancer] was a song popular enough to be played in the fish market

During a misunderstanding, two 'jigri yaar' of over a decade don't talk to each other, they get into the business of shooting, rioting, kidnapping, the works!
Don't worry if your crimes have piled up for 14 years. One day a special cop will come, burn all your files, give you one perfect chance to make it all legit, and you would still manage to flounder it all away. Worse, over a murder that never was!

Don't believe what you just read? Chal, phir angootha lagva le!

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