What Highway taught us

What Highway taught us

Highway released this week and there are some understated gems that Bollywood Hungama would like to share with you!

– You can actually fall in love with your kidnapper despite being thrashed, pushed around and threatened to be sold in a brothel

– Despite being thrashed, a girl would live up to the 'manners' because this is what she has been taught since childhood

– While in captivity, you can act all cute and coy, demand for open air treatment and get it too, despite being surrounded by hardened criminals

– When outside, you can become 'that typical Imtiaz Ali heroine' who speaks gibberish to her own self (remember Deepika Padukone's post marriage 'ye galat hai' act in Love Aaj Kal?)

– You may get a golden chance to get away from the clutches of your kidnapper but would instead hide when police comes checking. Later, you wonder as 'that typical Imtiaz Ali heroine' around your confusion

– When on road, you can stop over on the highway, pick up a pirated English songs MP3 and start jiving to the songs in the middle of the road. Oh yes, you do it as the one is actually kidnapped!

– You may have problems with people at home but instead of getting married and living with a man of your choice, you are better off building a 'chota sa ghar' with your newly found illiterate criminal acquaintance

– There is Maggi available and waiting to be cooked in a 'mitti ka makaan' situated at a remotest 'pahaadi' out there in Kashmir

– When your kidnapper tries to check out this heavenly abode from inside, as the one kidnapped you would say in a naughty tone – 'Bahar jaayo, ye mera ghar hai'. Yeah sure, 'jeena marna tere sang' calling!

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