Anushkas performance in BV will blow you away – Ranbir

Anushkas performance in BV will blow you away - Ranbir

"We announced the release date of Bombay Velvet as December. Once we finish this schedule we will all sit and decide. So far we are sticking to the release date that we had decided," said Ranbir Kapoor while speaking to media on the grand sets of Bombay Velvet in Tissamarahama in Sri Lanka on March 12, 2014. On being asked about treading a different path than most of the other actors, Ranbir said, "Today filmmakers and stories are more important than actors and stars and I think that's the way it should be. If I work with Anurag Kashyap, Anurag Basu or Imtiaz Ali I'll only benefit rather than them benefitting. We are making a very commercial film, classes and masses will like it. I hope people give Bombay Velvet an opportunity when it releases and they experience a new kind of story."

Ranbir spoke about his character Johny Balraj at an emotional and romantic level:

"This role has been the most emotionally challenging for me"
Every role has its own challenges. More than physical, Bombay Velvet is emotionally challenging. It is a very intense role. I've never done a role of such nature before. Anurag is a delight for actors because he gives us a lot of freedom, takes a lot of suggestions at the same time he knows what he's doing. This role has been most emotionally challenging for me.

"This is the most romantic film I've ever done"
Most of our films are love stories. Most of the films that I've done, love is an important emotion in it but this is the most romantic film I've ever done. At the heart of it, Bombay Velvet is a classic love story like Titanic or Gone With The Wind.

The massive set of Bombay Velvet is spread over 12 acres in the quiet countryside of Tissamarahama in Sri Lanka, six hours drive away from the Colombo Airport. A regular amusing sight is that of Costume Designer Niharika Khan seriously cycling her way to the sets from her giant clothes shed built some distance away. An interesting piece of information is that 80% of the crew is comprised of women including Sonal Sawant, the Production Designer who turned the grass-enthused land into Bombay of 1950s and 60s that includes a Tram and the tram rail line. Vintage cars dot the area in abundance too. "This is the first time I've seen so many women on a film set and it's great. They have so much of authority, they empathise with you so much more. I think every film should be run by women," Ranbir said.

Ranbir spoke about his prominent co-stars Anushka Sharma and Karan Johar:

"You'll be blown away by Anushka's performance"
It was great working with Anushka. She is such a simple actor, she is in the moment. She has not been on screen for a long time now. You guys will be blown away by her performance

"Karan has a great role and he has surprised us all"
We all are pleasantly surprised. When Karan came for the first day, we all were wondering, what will he do! He has such a great role with negative shades. He has surprised all of us. He has acted with so much subtlety.

Anurag Kashyap is a widely respected filmmaker not only in India but across the world. Will there be a proper International release of Bombay Velvet? "We are hoping for a proper international release," Anurag said. "A lot of prominent names have shown a lot of interest in Anurag's work. I think Anurag has made a great name in the festival circuit. Around the world his films have released. I keep seeing emails and messages. He is being a bit embarrassed about it but when the time comes we will get a lot of support," Ranbir added. Is there any possibility of Bombay Velvet getting dubbed in English and having a mainstream release across the world? "A movie should not be dubbed. A movie should always be shown in its original language. If the English audience wants to see it they should see it in subtitles like Crouching Tiger or Life Is Beautiful. You understand the tone and the world of a film better," Ranbir said.

Bombay Velvet has 11 songs (music by Amit Trivedi) and as per Ranbir, the first look promo of the film will be out post July.

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