Sunny Leone is the USP of Ragini MMS – 2 – Bhushan Patel

Sunny Leone is the USP of Ragini MMS - 2 - Bhushan Patel

A year and a half after 1920-Evil Returns, which was a successful sequel to Vikram Bhatt's 1920, Bhushan Patel is back with another sequel of his directorial career, Ragini MMS – 2. While the promos of the film as well as a major part of the marketing campaign has focused on Sunny Leone's star value, Bhushan promises that behind all the glamour and erotica, there is a horror element in the offering with a definite story to be told. Excerpts:

Why so much stress on the 'horrex' element when such horror would have been good enough to entice its loyal audience?
Because that's a concept which is being introduced in the Indian market now! Yes, there have been films with sex and horror combination before but primarily in a Ramsay set up. To entice today's generation of audience across all centers, the combination has to be shot, presented, promoted and marketed in a certain way. The promise of sex to horror-loving fans is a huge incentive.

Ragini MMS – 2 appears to be going overboard in this direction.
It is by intent! Somehow in this country that we live in, sex and lust as is not considered moral. However, horror and sex go hand in hand when it comes to Ragini MMS – 2. The promos are promising that because I want to sell what I am showing in the film. If visuals like these can titillate as well as scare you, you would enjoy the film.

How are you correctly packaging this aspect of Sunny in the film?
Sunny is my film's USP and you will see her in different avatars. As a matter of fact, she was always there in the film and came in even before I was signed. People ask me about how she has come across as an actor, considering this is a horror setup. Well, for starters, it is not fair to think that acting is not required for horror films. There are all the facets of acting required here too. With Sunny it was a little difficult to begin with since Hindi is not her first language. Still, she worked very hard. For 'Baby Doll', she rehearsed for ten days. She is a director's actor. I am more than happy with the way she has performed.

Sunny seems to be quite high on the film's climax. No pun intended!
(Laughs) Well, climax is the high point of any film, and no pun intended here too. On a serious note, what happens is that if your entire film is good but the climax is drab, people step out of a theatre with disappointment. Especially in a horror movie, the climax has to be the scariest. In that aspect, Sunny totally understood the requirement. She has done very well in the climax. She was pulled and pushed around in the harness but she enjoyed these moves as well (smiles)!

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