What Youngistaan taught us

What Youngistaan taught us

Youngistaan released this week and there are some understated gems that Bollywood Hungama would like to share with you!

– That a 28 year old youngster with absolutely no political background can actually become the Prime Minister of India if nominated by party members

– That his girlfriend would constantly (and annoyingly) crib about her loss of privacy instead of finding a decent job to keep herself engaged

– That there is a 'theka' [liquor shop] somewhere in Delhi which not just serves beer but also 'matki kulfi' at four in the morning

– That you can drink and dance on the streets, elevators and clubs of Tokyo till your tummy is as full as a 'tanki'

– That e-Voting would swing votes in favor of promising leaders as they would be backed by youth

– That an application like this, which would decide the future of the country, can be developed, tested, released, implemented and readied for use by entire country in under 15 days

– That some leading publications and news channels can actually go about printing and uploading videos of the private life of the Prime Minister of the country

– That just a regular video of a romantic rendezvous between a young and single Prime Minister and his girlfriend would result in mass hysteria and protests across the country

– That in-film brand placement can be as non-subtle as this with the Prime Minister saying – 'Main Suzuki gaadi mein chale jaoonga, safe aur reliable hai'. Wait, since this is a Sony film, there are Sony products all over

– That there is a replacement of Arnab called Parnab somewhere out there who can actually be made to go quiet even if he is persistent about what 'the nation wants to know'

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