JJ won the battle against removing Dil Dil Pakistan from Pepsi ad

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Since the cricket season is on, the much hyped TVC now a days is of Pepsi where we see bunch of shining stars and above all, the part that make this TVC remarkable is the addition of DIL DIL PAKISTAN, originally sung by Vital Signs in 1987; This song was declared as 3rd Most Famous Song of the World by BBC at that time.

A famous singer of the 90s Junaid Jamshed has filed a suit against Pepsi co., on Saturday 29th March, for using the Dil Dil Pakistan song in their latest advertisement,media reports suggest. As we all know that Mr. Jamshed is a changed man now, a man converted from being a music artist to an Islamic religious scholar. 

According to Junaid Jamshed, the beverage companyviolated the copy rights by using ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ without prior permission from the creators. Thecompany was asked to pay Rs 10 million as compensation or stop the commercial altogether. The Sindh High Court, hence, ordered Pepsi to edit the TVC (remove the song) before airing it again.

After the lawsuit filed by JJ, the remake of the ad is made. Pakistani actor / singer Ayesha Omar’s voice has sung the song in the remix version which is not liked much y the listeners. As a result, all we can hear now is “Pakistan”, DIL DIL has been removed from this TVC. The feel of the song is not the same as it used to be, even seems like the original singers are not happy with it.

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