Kill The Rapist maker fumes on 8 votes supporting rapists

While the nation continues to criticize the comments made by a couple of political bigwigs around 'abolishing capital punishment for rapists' and 'hanging women for having sex outside marriage', the maker of Kill The Rapist is further perplexed about the situation prevailing in the country and mindset of people in power.

Even though the very subject of his film hails the law of killing the rapists and is narrated in a dramatic and volatile format, producer Siddhartha M. Jain is left shocked with the headlines that are making a mark for all the wrong reasons during last couple of days.

"All this while I wondered whether I am getting a little too carried away emotionally about laws against rapists, considering the fact that my own film deals with that. However when I see the entire country and even international press questioning the statements being made by our political bigwigs, I am all the more convinced that sooner we start witnessing some executions legally by the honorable court of law, the quicker we would be able to curb this crime. It may be 'just a mistake' for some but sorry, I – along with rest of the nation – beg to differ," fumes Siddhartha.

He can stake claim on 'rest of the nation' supporting his cause, considering the fact that the online poll attached to the promo of Kill The Rapist that went asking 'aam junta' if a rapist should be killed, fetched 92% results in affirmative. An astonishing number indeed, what with over 100,000 votes coming in last three odd months.

"But what's the point when there are still those 8% out there who feel rapists should not be killed," sighs Siddhartha, "Really, I was expecting a 100% 'yes' here and always wondered where was this 8% coming from. Guess now I have the answer. When people in power can come up in defense of the rapists, there would always be a mini fraction of people who would be out there to commit a crime. Sad indeed!"

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