“I am here to please my audience” – Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar is ready with his third release of the year – Action Replayy. Featuring in multiple films year after year isn’t something new for him though. After all, last year itself he had five films to his name; this year would also see the release of Tees Maar Khan while 2011 too would have 3-4 films that would arrive at regular junctures. As the man continues to chug along while also keeping himself busy as a host for Master Chef India, he squeezes out time for a quick chat with Joginder Tuteja and talks about how he manages to take it all in an easy manner. This year, you had a terrific start with Housefull which stays on to be the second biggest grosser of 2010 after Raajneeti. When compared to an average 2009 that you had, this is quite impressive. However, you don’t seem to have made much noise about the super-success of Housefull. Why? I have never made a noise about these things. The only reason it is important to highlight the film’s business is because it means that the audience has appreciated the film and the film has brought money into the industry. In the trade and industry circuit everyone is aware what a money spinner Housefull has been. "I am not where I am because the critics have supported me"  Is this a conscious approach being taken in order to be cautious about your films? As in by not talking about how well it has done? Not at all. How will that help or protect my films? Have you ever heard me shout from the roof top, ‘I’m a star, my movies are blockbusters?’ Never…. In fact Khatta Meetha, despite being savaged by the critics, did manage recovery eventually and turned out to be a safe venture. Still, not many are willing to acknowledge that. What do you think is the reason behind that? Critics have their point of view and they are welcome to write and say what they wish. Let’s face it. I am not where I am because the critics have supported me. I don’t really care who acknowledges the facts or not. I’m here to please my audience, not specifics. You now have Tees Maar Khan coming at the end of the year. What are the plans for future? Next year, I would be releasing Thank You, Patiala House and most definitely Desi Boyz as well. You have to remember that Tees Maar Khan and Patiala House have all been made in less than a year. This is superb, especially for the producer (winks). Normally, I would have shot for another movie as well now but then I was dedicating my time to Master Chef India. Meanwhile, you have Action Replayy coming up where so far, it is the 70s look that has been revealed. Since there are elements of time travel involved as well, are there some real surprises waiting to be unveiled? We will be unveiling things as we go along. The film involves time travel but it is a love story at its core. There are many surprises so wait and watch. So much has been heard and said about the retro look of Action Replayy. Did you leave it all primarily to the costume and set designers or were there inputs from you as well? We let the experts do their job. They know best but what we did was to have a lot of fun with the looks they created. The 70s are such a delightful period to recreate. And I’ve never worn such platforms in my life. "The cool retro look is just that – a look" As is always said, it is the content that does the talking. In Action Replayy, what can one expect beyond the cool retro look? The cool retro look is just that – a look. The film is above and beyond that. It is about love and relationships and how far one would go to hold on to the ones they love. How far are you willing to go though Akshay? After all with so many comedies and light hearted entertainers in a row, audience are now expecting a complete masala outing from you. Would you oblige? I will always oblige, it’s ‘when’ that will keep you guessing (smiles).

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