Manisha Koirala to adopt a baby girl

The very beautiful and brave Manisha Koirala who turned 44 on 16th August is all set to embark on a new phase in her very eventful life.

Manisha has taken the decision to adopt a baby girl

Speaking from her spiritual abode, the One-ness University in Seemandhara far away from the madding crowd Manisha Koirala says, "I've decided to adopt a baby girl, so in my own way I can start my own family."

Manisha Koirala says she would've adopted a baby girl earlier, but for her sudden health issue. "After my ovarian cancer was cured I was advised to give it three years before my body would be considered safe from the disease. Those three years would be over next year. That's when I'll feel confident enough to take care of a new life. That's when I'll officially adopt a child."

Manisha says the relationship between a child and her mother is the most sacred and unconditional bonding. "It's the only relationship where one truly puts the other person above oneself."

So far, says Manisha Koirala, love has been elusive in her life. "I've always fallen in love with the wrong people. I've ended being hurt but never disillusioned by love. I still look for love. I still crave to be in a perfect relationship, though I know it may not be possible to find it. I now long to find that perfect love in my relationship with my child."

Spending her birthday at the One-ness University is the best possible birthday gift Manisha could give herself. "I get the maximum peace of mind here. I'm here with the person who matters the most to me. My mom. It's been such a long journey for me."

She has taken the blows on her chin. "Life has taught me some hard lessons. I am 44 now. I feel I've now finally understood what the gift of life is."

Manisha Koirala craves for an inner peace. "I am in harmony now with every facet of life. I am now looking forward to some good work, a stress-free life and maybe the right life partner one day. In the meanwhile I'm now getting ready to bring my child home. I feel she would complete me in the way no other person can."

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