SHOCKING Vishal Mahadkar reveals how Mohit Suri insulted his friend Leena Tandon

A fight in full public view happened between director Vishal Mahadkar (who has directed Blood Money and 3 AM) and Mohit Suri. Though it was reported earlier the shocking details are now revealed by Mahadkar. Read on.

Over to Mahadkar:

"This is the exact flow of events which brought about a fight between me and Mohit at WTF, Andheri about a month ago before the release of my film 3 AM.

Leena (Tandon) and I were at a pub called WTF, at a table with a couple of friends when Mohit and his ADs and friends entered. I invited Mohit to our table to join us and he came and stood across us. He went on to ask Leena "oh you know Vishal" to which she replied "Yes I know him longer than you". He then went on to say "oh you should f**k him as he f**ks well". This shocked me and I thought he must have been drunk and apologized to Leena to which she said something like "its ok, I can take care of myself". Mohit then went on to say "and you know what, he has a big d**k so you should f**k him and if you don't, I'm here", as he said this he unzipped a jersey he was wearing. To this I went up to him confrontationally and asked him to shut up. His reply was "get to my level then talk to me". Thats when I pushed him slightly which caused him to trip. All our friends stopped us then but I was hurling abuses at him at this stage.

They then got a table at the opposite end of the pub. We sat for about 10 mins but were uncomfortable so paid our bill and started leaving to which Mohit said something I didn't hear clearly. I hurled some abuses back at him and remember saying something like "remember you have a wife at home, wait I'm going to tell your wife". We then went out and were waiting outside for my car when suddenly Mohit's assistants came and started picking up a fight again. Being outnumbered I picked up a beer bottle that someone had and went for them. Bouncers etc stopped the fight outside and we got into our cars and left."

This is an accurate account of what happened and one can check the same with the cctv footage that WTF has and will give the press and I think may have already.

Right now I am being made to look publicity hungry but if I wanted publicity I would have made this controversy as big as possible during my release as that would help the film pr! All I did was stand up for a girl who was spoken to in an indecent manner. Even though Mohit is a friend, if I stood by and let things go at that point how can we expect any woman in India not to be harassed?

It has been said that we all were drunk and the cause of the fight was alcohol but that isn't true. My bill was only 1700 or so, how much can 4 people drink in that amount?

I haven't spoken yet in the media or given any statements, but I feel my silence is being used by Mohit's PR machinery to somehow make this my fault. To be honest, I really don't care now of the consequences and will take him on."

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