10 Songs celebrating the Radha-Krishna union

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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10 Songs celebrating the Radha-Krishna union

From Madhubala's'Mohe Panghat Pe' to Sonakshi's 'RadhaNachegi'….Subhash K Jha selects 10 songs celebrating the Radha-Krishna union.

1. 'Mohe Panghat Pe Nandlal Ched Gayo Re' (Mughal-e-Azam): The moment when Salim falls in love with Anarkali was celebrated with a Radha-Krishna number. So pristine was Lata Mangeshkar's singing that Madhubala playing Radha epitomized the very essence of a love that knew no bounds.
2. 'Shyam Teri Bansi Pukare Radha Naam' (Geet Gata Chal): Ravindra Jain' s evocative number sung by Arti Mukherjee and Jaspal Singh conceived and executed from Lord Krishna's other beloved Meera's point of view.
3. 'Ek Radha Ek Meera Dono Ne Shyam Ko Chaha, Antar Kya Donon Ki Chaah Mein Bolo…Ek Prem Deewani And Daras Deewani' (Ram Teri Ganga Maili): The minute Raj Kapoor heard lyricist-composer Ravindra Jain singing these lives at a live concert he signed him for his opus. The rest is musical history. Who but Lata Mangeshkar to sing about Radha and Meera's shared passion for their beloved Lord Krishna?
4. 'Daiyya Re Daiyya Yashoda Maiya Issko Sambhal' (Aasra): One of the most interesting and intricate compositions (by Laxmikant-Pyarelal) on the theme of the Radha-Krishna amour, here Radha complains to Krishna's mother Yashoda about her son's flirtatious ways. Lata Mangeshkar voice conveys a wealth of mischief and longing.
5. 'Bada Natkhat Hai Re Krishna Kanhaiya Kaa Kare Yashoda Maiyaa' (Amar Prem): This haunting R D Burman bhakti song is almost like a response to the above number where Radha complains to the playful Krishna's mother. Shrugging her shoulders Yashoda expresses her affectionate exasperation at little Krishna's pranks. Lataji counts this number among her personal favourites.
6. 'Bhor Bhaye Panghat Pe Mohey Natkhat Shyam Sataaye' (Satyam Shivum Sunderam):The most erotic Radha-Krishna song in the hoary history of Hindu mythology, the song word-paints Radha's morning-time excursion to the river-bank while Krishna accosts her. Swinging her hipswitha song on her lips as Krishna follows her, this is Radha at her sensuous best. It's a song of tremendous visual power with the Melody Queen painting the words with her lucid voice.
7. 'Bol Radha Bol Sangam Hoga Ke Nahin' (Sangam): Raj Kapoor on top of a tree with her clothes while Vyjanthimala bathes down below in a stunning black swimwear. The couple recreated the Radha-Krishna mythology in a very contemporary context. Provocative.
8. 'Kahe Chede Mohe' (Devdas): Radha loves it when Krishna flirts and teases. But she must protest,as ladies are taught to do. Madhuri Dixit not only danced to Birju Maharaj's exquisite choreography, she also contributed vocally to the number.
9. 'Radha Teri Chunri' (Student Of The Year): A designer version of the Radha-Krishna mythology. Credit goes to Karan Johar for reviving the genre, albeit in funky youthful avatar.
10. 'Radha Nachegi' (Tevar): Sonakshi Sinha does a Radha in a song that recreates the pulsating sounds of frolic at the panghat of the Yamuna. This one will have its makers laughing all the way to the river-bank.

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