Shraddha Kapoor attends dance rehearsals despite being under the weather

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Shraddha Kapoor started 2015 with a packed schedule. The actress has been on a constant roll with shooting and rehearsals for her upcoming release ABCD 2.

Now with the award season going on, Shraddha has been practicing for her performance at an upcoming award function.

The young actress will be performing live at an upcoming award function and she is really excited and looking forward to it.

So much so, that even while she was not well, she made it a point to go for rehearsals.

Recently Shraddha was under the weather but she had her dance practice scheduled and the rest of the team and crew had reached.

The actress was keen on not falling back due to the illnesses and as the award function is around the corner, she did not want to miss out on even a single day of practice.

Despite having fever, Shraddha did not ditch the rehearsal.


The actress not only did not want to waste a day by resting she also had a fabulous practice despite the fever.

It will be a live performance which will be televised. Shraddha has been practicing for 3 – 4 hours everyday 

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