Shraddha Kapoor’s special gesture for her teacher

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Shraddha Kapoor's special gesture for her teacherAhead of the super success of her recent dance film, the young actress thanks one of her first dance teachers.
Shraddha Kapoor has been well acknowledged for the months of hard work that she has put in to learn this level of dance for the film.
But apart from her choreographer – director Remo Dsouza whom she is extremely thankful to, she has also expressed gratitude to another teacher of hers.
The actress who takes a look back at her very first dance teacher in her school days who taught her the first steps of dancing! This was the time when the actress learnt the basics of dance!
While she may have been taught by Remo now during the Prep of ABCD 2. Shraddha acknowledges her able to dance and how she owes it to the person who helped with first steps.
The actress sends a special gift to one of her first dance teachers who helped her with her first steps.
She feels that to get to this level, the basic foundation of the art was very important and she owes it to that teacher for it.
So, she hand picked a little something to acknowledge the teacher’s contribution.
Shraddha has been loved by audiences and her appreciation has only been growing! The actress who is on a roll with delivering back to back hits is currently busy with the prep work of her forthcoming film Of sequel to Rock On.
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