Narayana Murthy : I am very, very proud of Deepika

Narayana Murthy recently addressed the students of St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.
The Co Founder of Infosys was addressing students advising them to choose Role Models wisely.
He listed the requirements of a role model which would help the student make the correct decision.
He emphasized that an Entrepreneur not only has to have Revolutionary ideas but should also have a youth connect in addition to undertaking initiatives for the welfare of the society.
While listing requirements, a fellow Banglorean who fits the bill perfectly came to his mind.
NR Narayana Murthy was heard regarding Bollywood’s self-made Deepika Padukone as a perfect role model for today’s youth.
Deepika suffices the needs of a perfect role model as listed by Mr. Murthy, which includes being a revolutionary, legal, ethical and socially responsible.
“I am very, very proud of Deepika,” he was heard saying, “She is in a glamorous world and she has brought so much joy to literally a billion Indians” he added further.

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