My track brings in a great turn – Avani Modi on playing Pakistani girl in Calendar Girls

My track brings in a great turn - Avani Modi on playing Pakistani girl in Calendar Girls

The day of reckoning is almost there for Avani Modi. After promoting the film extensively for over a month now, the team of Calendar Girls is now eagerly awaiting the release of the film this Friday. With as many as five new girls being launched with his latest offering, filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar has turned over a new page in his career after working with superstars leading ladies like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Priyanka Chopra and Kangna Ranaut to name a few. Now that the D-Day is arriving, newcomer Avani is certainly keeping her fingers crossed.

Four days before the film's release, what exactly are your thoughts?
Well, in one word, overwhelming. People are loving the trailer and the songs and that's a great thing. Calendar Girls is a content oriented film and it is good when people come to you and ask you what the film actually has to say. It is beyond the glamour and pretty looking women; it has a story that was waiting to be told. I just love the fact that the film is being noticed for what it truly stands for.

Which is?
It is a story of five girls who find themselves on the same platform and take the same journey. However, where their journey leads them is where the meat of the subject lies. Also, these stories are interconnected to each other. I am playing this girl who is from Lahore, Pakistan, who comes to India and becomes one of the 'calendar girls'. After that, what happens to my life is something that brings in a great turn to the story. I also have a lot of scenes with the other girls where we come together.

Considering the fact that Madhur Bhandarkar has time and again made successful films with female protagonists, you must have been convinced that you too would be presented quite well on screen?
He is an expert in presentation of his female protagonists. He understands the female psyche quite well. I have not seen many makers who understand the best of female emotions. However, Madhurji has written our scenes very well after great research. He has done so much homework for my character so as to make it impactful. Also, in terms of look, he knows how to present his leading ladies so beautifully and elegantly. Look at Bipasha Basu in Corporate. Even though she was not playing a sexy girl but instead a business tycoon, she was still so appealing. Same was with Priyanka (Fashion) and Kareena (Heroine).

How about you and the other four girls in Calendar Girls?
Well, for us, he got the top line hair stylists and make up people. He made all of us look so different from each other. We all look like 'Calendar Girls' (smiles).

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