Documentary on Sunny Leone to get full-fledged commercial release

This article was last updated on June 18, 2022

Sunny Leone's career is about to acquire another level of sexiness. The documentary titled Mostly Sunny Partly Cloudy that film filmmaker Dilip Mehta has made on her life is about to get a full and formal worldwide release.

Says Dilip, "It would be a worldwide theatrical release. It's a feature-length documentary. Sunny is endearing, warm, candid and emotional and takes one through her life trajectory with remarkable openness and confidence."

The documentary happened by sheer chance when a Canadian film company approached Dilip to direct a feature-length documentary on Sunny Leone. Recalling his first meeting with Ms. Leone Dilip says, "Sunny, her husband Daniel and I met at the Juhu Marriott in Mumbai over a year ago. From the moment Sunny came into the lobby and all the way to the coffee shop at the lower level all eyes were focused on her. She has a presence that commands attention. It was as though no one else existed nor mattered."

Sunny has bared her soul in the documentary. "Over the course of one year in the making of our film I can't recall a single incident when Sunny asked us to switch off the camera. She gave us unfettered access to her film sets, the making of music videos, and to her family, friends and Team Sunny."

What comes across very strongly in the documentary is a woman who is not embarrassed by or apologetic about anything she has done.

Says Dilip appreciatively, "Sunny appears to be amongst a handful of people who seemingly has no regret of her life journey. She is non-evasive of her past avatar as an Adult Entertainer and of the choices that made her a hugely successful part of a multi-billion dollar industry."

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