Ajay Devgns Shivaay – The real story behind Eros-Pens Rs 70 crore deal

Ever since its announcement, Ajay Devgn's Shivaay has been a red hot property for the audience as well as the industry. The film's launch was done with great fanfare while kick-start of its shooting was an event in itself. Since the film is nothing short of a magnum-opus in the making, courtesy Ajay Devgn bringing himself on board as a director and leaving no stone unturned to make it a great Diwali release this year, there also have been widespread speculations around the deals that have been struck in the background.

In fact it was also recently announced that Pen India had come on board for the film. Considering the fact that Eros International is already giving the film a powerful backing, this seemed like an interesting development. On further digging, we have managed to bring to surface on what happened behind the scenes.

"This is a core business decision with an eye on de-risking the film for all stakeholders," informs our trade source, "Shivaay is a dream film for Ajay Devgn and he is leaving no stone unturned to make it a lavish big screen experience. As a result, strictly from India distribution cost perspective, Shivaay has been tagged at Rs. 70 crore. This doesn't include overseas territories and other rights."

To ensure that all involved parties made good share in profits while also keeping the risk at bare minimum, it was decided that Pen India come on board as well.

"Jayantilal Gada's company Pen had shown keen interest in Shivaay and while Lullas' Eros is already on board, it was felt that this would be a win-win situation for all if there are multiple stakeholders on play," the source continues, "Eros too felt that with a 50-50 deal between them and Pen, it would help keep the bottom-line in check."

As a result, there is an investment of Rs. 35 crores each by both Eros International and Pen India, which allows the film to proceed smoothly with a good handle on overall budget as well.

"Ajay has a solid script in hand and with the kind of technical finesse that he possesses, Shivaay is set to be nothing short of an international experience for the audience," says a source attached to the film, "On the basis of whatever that has been shot so far, the film is a true Diwali entertainer in the making. Also, hats off to this being an Indian production that has allowed the film to look much bigger than its budget. If the film was made in Hollywood, the costs would have been even higher."

Well, as long as the content meets technique, style and scale, audience would be glad to grab the film with both hands, as was the case with Eros' last biggie Bajirao Mastani, which has broken quite a few records.

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