Sunny Leone and Uday Chopra compete over planks on Twitter

Sunny Leone and Uday Chopra compete over planks on Twitter

Stars are very conscious about fitness and posting pictures from their workout session seems to be a popular trend on social media. Recently we got a glimpse of Sunny Leone whilst she was training at her gym. She posted pictures of her from the plank session she had with her trainer Prashant Sawant (planks is a core strength exercise similar to a push up) with a caption stating about how difficult the workout is. She said, "Hardest plank I do w/ @prashantsixpack for 1min Form is important,don't hurt urself!2nd pic u see how difficult :)"

Impressed with her workout session was Uday Chopra who took to Twitter to appreciate Sunny's efforts saying, "@SunnyLeone @prashantsixpack dayum! I thought I did tough planks but that's another level. Pure core strength!!!" From there on started a sort of competition between the two and initially it was Uday who came up with the idea. After Sunny thanked Uday for his praises in her tweet saying, "Yup I was dying! But I feel great after so I guess that's what matters. Thanks lol", Uday suggested that they do a kind of plank off competition. He added, "@SunnyLeone Ya I feel like that too. On that note…I'm going to go to the Gym now. We can have a plank competition at some point". However, Sunny who was too stressed out with her last plank session wasn't ready for the same. She responded, "Haha a plank off? Not sure I would survive but I have a feeling @prashantsixpack would be game to time it…"

Sunny Leone and Uday Chopra compete over planks on Twitter

But it did not end at that! Uday Chopra too added an image of him doing the plank and in fact he added a rather difficult variation to it as he was balancing only one foot on the gym ball and said, "@SunnyLeone @prashantsixpack challenge accepted! I went a step higher (literally) your turn #PlankOff". Sunny who too was impressed with Uday's workout session, was all praises for the actor-producer, "Omg!! You are totally up'ing the plank! That plank is so hard! Blah!" However, Uday mentioned that it was Sunny who inspired him to go a step higher for the plank session. He said, "@SunnyLeone Ha! I didn't think I could do it. Saw ur pic and was mighty impressed; just had to give it a try. U look better doing it anyway!", to which Sunny responded, "It's the stars on my pants. You'll have to find a pair. Hah"

While the conversation was between Uday and Sunny, yet another actor Dino Morea joined it as he appreciated them for their rigorous workout sessions. However, Sunny Leone invited him too to join the plank off competition. Dino tweeted, "@prashantsixpack well done buddy. @udaychopra @SunnyLeone that is a tough plank, Phewwwww not bad at all." Sunny replied to it saying, "Now it's your turn! Lol".

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