Juhi Chawla on women in India and in our cinema

Juhi Chawla on women in India and in our cinema

"The status of women in India was always high. Why else would we have temples dedicated to DEVIs??? In many parts of India, it was a matriarchal society. Though a woman's place was considered to be at home she was respected for her place in the family. And her views were sought. Today though we call ourselves modern and developed, I wonder if we truly are … Or are we regressing? Today we respect women, not because they are women. We respect women because they are taking on the roles of men!!! I was struck by a someone who said, 'Feminism is being misunderstood .The strength of a woman lies not in the fact that she can do what men can do It lies in the fact that she can do what men can't do!!'

I feel women embody love and beauty. Great Strength in a delicate form.

Womanhood is akin to water which flows, adjusts, adapts, and gives life, yet when challenged can break the might of mountains. In cinema, time and again there have been films where women have played central characters. That's why you can jog your memory and come up with names of strong women actors. Be it Nargis, Nutan, Smita Patil, Shabana Azmi or Tabu and Vidya Balan. And for all the other lovely ladies of the screen, I'd say.. No love story was ever complete without a beautiful woman. It's like yin and yang… The sun and the moon… You need both to make the world go round. Amen to that."

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