Adi will slap me if I ask him and Rani to be on Koffee With Karan – Karan Johar

Adi will slap me if I ask him and Rani to be on Koffee With Karan - Karan Johar

Friday saw the release of the Shakun Batra directed multi starrer Kapoor & Sons. While the film was well received by the critics and audiences alike, producer Karan Johar decided to interact with his fans following the film's successful opening. In fact on Saturday the producer-director had a live Koffee With Karan session with fans on twitter, but this time with him answering questions. Here are a few of the comments Karan made that quite literally stuck out:

Karan Johar (KJo): Ok boys and girls!! It's #koffeewithkaran time! Grab your Koffee and ask away….am ready for all your questions! Go….
@shikharSRK: #koffeewithkaran rank in order of acting talent – varun, Sid, arjun, ranveer, rabbit, Sushant
KJo: varun, Sid, arjun, ranveer, rabbit, sushant" Rabbit is my fave
@DeepikasFairy__: What do you think would be the hardest thing for you to give up on? #koffeewithkaran
KJo: perspective
@SonjuhiB: advice on how to deal with adulthood ?
KJo: Think like a child…with innocence and no judgement…
@rosariapuji: if u decide to marry… Indian girl or girl frm other country??? #koffeewithkaran
KJo: am Celibacy brand ambassador
@Pun_ditayeen: Smoked pot ever?
KJo: No no!! Am a good mamas boy! No drugs yaar! Only Punjabi food
@Namrata_Joshi: Who played the plumber in Kapoor&Sons? #standout #showstealer Deserves an honourable mention…
KJo: Agreed!!!!
@avanish_katiyar: who is ur favourite all time hero?"
KJo: Amitabh Bachchan
@I_am_Pratyaksha: How do you handle success? #koffeewithkaran
KJo: by contemplating failure
@ibasfrost: What would you describe as the turning point in your life? #koffeewithkaran
KJo: that's way too familiar!!
@TrysdaT: ok if u have guts tell us something about the shiva trilogy. ???? #koffeewithkaran
KJo: you're mad or what? Drink coffee
@ForeverSRKFAN: What's the biggest personal change you've ever made? #koffeewithkaran
KJo: I decided to de clutter my contact list
@rima_THWRK: #koffeewithkaran Which celebrities you believe are the most influential?
KJo: The ones who do nothing and act busy!
@fawu25: How about getting Rani and Adi in koffee this season ? #Koffeewithkaran
KJo: Adi will slap me if I ever ask him this!!!
@SonjuhiB: why don't you try stand up comedy ????
KJo: Dealing with the film industry is stand up comedy my dear!!
@Marwaa1D: one thing that you don't like about yourself??? #koffeewithkaran
KJo: that I deal with selfish people selflessly
@sanaQ9293: dancing or acting #koffeewithkaran
KJo: oh no!!!! Am a director!! Look what I have done to myself!!!

@AzimuddinMolla: sir, when the last time you cried ? #koffeewithkaran
KJo: while watching #KapoorAndSons
@OjhaGrpp: last time i asked u r u a virgin u said i m recycled virgin but what dat means ?? #kofeewithkaran
KJo: dry spell bro!
@ForeverSRKFAN: What does a perfect day look like to you? #koffeewithkaran
KJo: a successful release…and not just in the cinema
@ForeverSRKFAN: What is your strongest personal quality? #koffeewithkaran
KJo: that I am personal…
@iamanz: Karan great respect for u.. How do u mange your production by also directing at the same time????
KJo: am single! That's why
@omarazamii: When was the last time you did something for the first time? #koffeewithkaran
KJo: can't answer that! My mom is online
@Chig4scith: Sir, if you realise today is your last day on earth, which incident would you to change in your life..
KJo: My dads death
KJo: Ok am off!! Thank you for joining in on #koffeewithkaran

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