Strong doesnt mean remaining unaffected – Kangna Ranaut

"I will talk about it when the time is right but not today," said Kangna Ranaut at the press conference to announce her as the new brand ambassador of Melange. A huge media contingent had gathered at a five star hotel in Mumbai a short while back hoping to get some firsthand information about the big battle between Kangna and Hrithik Roshan that is being played out in the media these days. The media was rudely instructed by a host in yellow three piece suit with an atrocious bow tie (not a good idea when you're hosting a fashion event) that no questions will be entertained other than the brand in question.

When a persistent journalist asked Kangna how did she manage to stand up against a powerful man like Hrithik, the host butted in and deflected to another question. When another journalist requested Kangna to make a statement on the issue, Kangna said, "Media ought to allow some space to celebrities also. It can be quite overwhelming. Strong doesn't mean that you go through life without being affected or intimidated. Being strong means to stand against all of this." Kangna shortly left the venue without posing for the Photographers which is the norm for all the press conferences.

Deepika Padukone was the earlier brand ambassador for Melange. When Kangna was asked about how she feels on replacing Deepika, Kangna gave a muted and diplomatic answer which is unlike her personality since she has thrown barbs at Deepika at numerous occasions, directly or indirectly in public or via press releases.

Kangna is having her birthday tomorrow. A cake was cut and her sister Rangoli was there to give moral support to her. The press conference was short and snappy and no information was shared about her forthcoming films Rangoon, Simran and Rani Laxmi Bai.

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