I was hit by Kangna Ranaut multiple times – Adhyayan Suman

I was hit by Kangna Ranaut multiple times - Adhyayan Suman

"Kangna Ranaut genuinely needs help," said Adhyayan Suman in a Bollywood Hungama exclusive no-holds-barred video interview with Content Head Broadband Faridoon Shahryar. "Yeah I was physically hit by her in the relationship, multiple times," Adhyayan said and he also said about his DNA interview that, "I would stick to everything that I said till I die." He said that he totally sympathizes with Hrithik Roshan and he believes that more people will come out and reveal more facts about Kangna. Ssuman junior also reacts to Ranaut's allegations that there are attempts being made to destroy her.

A lot is being said that why have you spoken about your relationship with Kangna after seven years?
I don't think I had the courage to speak. A lot of people have proved my point. People out there are calling me names, saying I have done this for publicity, I knew if I would have spoken something of this sort would have happened back then. Also, I was weak. I felt in life when you have to move on, emotional closures are very important and I didn't get that. I wanted that now. I didn't time it with Hrithik and Kangna battle.

Did you identify with Hrithik?
Of course I did. Her wanting to be with Hrithik began when I was with her. I was a big part of it. The truth will always remain the truth. If you are a man or woman, it does't matter. I don't know Hrithik. I have just met him a couple of times. My interview was not about Hrithik. It was about me. It was about my journey, my emotional closure. It is not about failure or success.

But it is being said that you did it for publicity, Adhyayan Suman was trending on twitter, all the news channels and newspapers are talking about you. You have got the publicity.
I guess I spoke the truth and that's why a lot of people identified. A lot of people were paid PRs and then a lot of people had their own opinions.

But even Kangna's lawyer has been saying that journalists writing 'favourably' for Hrithik have been paid by Hrithik.
Those allegations will continue till the truth comes out in the legal battle and the world will see. What I have said, people who haven't supported me, as the time passes by, even they will support me.

Kangna in an interview today has said that, "I have no problem in being called a witch. These weapons have been used on women for way too long. The biggest fear growing up that I had was, that if I am a loser of a woman, I will be called a whore, a witch, a psychopath and a drug addict". I think she is reacting to your interview.
I have not called her a witch. I respect women a lot. My mum is a woman. My mum lost a son and she fought really hard for it. Somewhere she felt that probably may lose me as well. That's what my parents felt. When you are in a situation you don't understand the perspective. You have to go away from it to even understand the magnitude of the entire situation. I am not trying to make myself sound like a victim. When you look back at Pratyusha or Jiah, I used to tell my friends that why did they have to take such a drastic attempt of actually committing suicide. Then I realized that probably they didn't have anyone to confess to or they were ashamed or they scared of twitter or facebook ke log aayenge hasenge hamare par that this was unmanly to talk like this. I hope that they should have let out their emotions. I am not using that as a card. I am not using that as a card. I wasn't myself for way too long. It was because of this. It was not because that I was physically assaulted or hit.

I was hit by Kangna Ranaut multiple times - Adhyayan Suman

You were physically assaulted by Kangna?
Yeah I was physically hit by her in the relationship, multiple times.

Many people would say that why did you have to continue a relationship if she was abusive and hitting you?
Kangna had given a statement that in this industry there are only f*ck buddies. I don't believe in that. They might be or they might not be, we are no one to judge. As a person, I have always tried to make a relationship work. Even though I was 20, brash but love is an emotion that I have always believed in. When I started the relationship she was coming out of a relationship with Aditya Pancholi where apparently she was hit and abused. I wanted to emotionally be there for her. It was not as if that have sex with a person, okay bye I had a good time, all the best to you. You have issues; oh I am sorry I can't be a part of that. Life for me doesn't work like that. By the time I thought I was wanting to make it work I was way too deep in it. I started losing my confidence, self-respect.

You had issues with your father
Yes I did. I almost left home. Faridoon, I will be honest, a lot of people from within the industry called and it would be unethical to take their names as it will be said that I am saying that for publicity. They called my father and said do whatever you may want to but get him out of this relationship.

You said that Aditya Pancholi told you that 'get out of this circus'. But apparently Aditya is not happy with your statement when he was asked at the special screening of Baaghi
But then his statement came out yesterday that I wasn't taking a dig at Adhyayan. He said that he is proud of me that I spoke of me. He did the same thing when he spoke out in Mumbai Mirror in 2009. He wanted to talk to people.

Shobha De has lashed out at you and spoke about how Bollywood heroes have mistreated heroines and beaten them up.
I need to say that people made it a man-woman issue. I am a man, or a star kid, or a failure. Am I not allowed to talk. Being a feminist is being equal and not about male bashing. Deepika Padukone is at the peak of her career. When she came out and spoke about her depression, which was her weakness, was it a publicity stunt. If you are depressed, come out and speak. Don't be scared. People will judge you and abuse you no matter what. If I wouldn't have spoken I would have been called a coward, even now I am called a coward.

Kangna has said in an interview that, "the mentality is that if I can't get you, I might as well destroy you. Yes attempts are beings made to destroy me but whether they are working or not it is a difference scenario." She has won a national award today, many would say Adhyayan is doing out of jealousy. Three national awards, she is the toast of the town, may be you are stung by the fact that she is an extremely successful woman.
No I am not. I have always said that I do not take away from the fact that she is successful and talented and won her third national award today. She can win another ten and win twenty Oscars but just by doing that and learning how to speak or being a fashionista doesn't take away from what you are as a person.

I was hit by Kangna Ranaut multiple times - Adhyayan Suman
Do you feel Kangna needs help?
I feel so. I am genuinely saying that. She needs help. There are things that she shouldn't be doing it. It is not right. What is not right is not right. I have seen it in first account, I am not just judging. I have seen multiple things happen. I wasn't even aware that the driver was beaten up in 2008. I came to know about it on twitter. I was shocked.

Many people are not able to believe the black magic part and that she mixed impure blood in the food that you mentioned in your interview.
I never said that. I am a metropolitan kid, my mum was worried, when the astrologer came and said what he said, I told him to go away. He asked me if Kangna makes food, he said she mixes her blood in the food. I said dude you gotta be kidding me. I hated anyone and everyone who spoke against her.

Sussanne has come out and supported Hrithik. Zayed has spoken in Hrithik's favour. Do you feel this entire spat between Hrithik and Kangna should be settled amicably once and for all as it is leaving a bad taste?
Hrithik comes from a highly respected family. His ex-wife supporting him, it can't get bigger than that. Sussanne is the real woman. The feminists need to talk about her. I read somewhere that a few women discussing not the interview but they were saying that periods doesn't have impure blood, it is actually pure blood. He is lying. Can you imagine? It is unbelievable. Some people will pick out any point to prove their point. It is wrong. I would stick to everything that I said till I die.

You have said that you had Hash with Kangna and she asked you to have Cocaine.
I had hash with her four five times. I said no to Cocaine. I didn't see her taking Cocaine regularly but I have heard that she took it regularly.

What if Kangna does a television interview tomorrow and refutes everything that you've said?
She would anyways refute it. If her conscience is clear she should accept it. Faridoon believe me there are people out there who believe in me. A lot of people called me on the first day the day the interview came out that can we hug you for what you've done.

There are people she was earlier linked to as well
Top two stars which people know about, I don't want to disrespect them and again they were married.

I was hit by Kangna Ranaut multiple times - Adhyayan Suman
Do you feel at ease now?
Absolutely. I have said what I had to. There is nothing to prove to anyone. I had to tell my side of the story. Now I can move on with my life.

Do you regret that maybe you shouldn't have mentioned all those expletives in your recent interview?
Not at all. You can't abuse anyone's father. You can't abuse anyone's mom. That was wrong. I won't take it anymore. I am sure more people will come out and talk.

Have you spoken to Hrithik?
No I haven't.

You have sympathy with him?
Absolutely. I do.

What if Kangna calls you up and confronts you?
Go for it. Confront me for what? For speaking the truth? You can't hide behind the awards. I don't mean to defame or dethrone the queen. The queen may rise higher and higher in life.

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