Brand Talk with Vidya Balan

Brand Talk with Vidya Balan

Readers will be well aware of the fact that Bollywood Hungama doesn't explore only Bollywood films but also other aspects that revolve around the industry including celebrity endorsements. In tune with this tradition, we bring to you our special section 'Brand Talk', wherein we speak to the celebrities about the brands that they endorse.

This time round, we bring to you an exclusive interview with the gorgeous Vidya Balan, who is the brand ambassador of Marico Limited's 'Nihar Naturals' hair oil. Her courage, her grace and her charisma makes her a unique and beautiful personality. Let's get to know more about the actress and about her endorsements in this interview

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Vidya, to start with, how does it feel to be the brand ambassador for 'Nihar' hair oil?
I have chosen to be associated with 'Nihar' over 5 years, because, this brand believes in encouraging and enabling women to achieve their full potential. I am extremely proud to be associated with a brand that takes a step forward every time, through all their endeavours.
As a celebrity you tend to explore several hairstyles. Which one is your favourite?
Depending on my mood and what I am wearing, I decide whether to leave my hair open or braid it. I like both equally. I even like top knots. They are practical and cool.
You've recently launched the much talked about 'Nihar Naturals #IAmCapable' report. What do you think does the report highlight about society?
The 'Nihar Naturals' #IAmCapable' report highlights how we, as a society, tend to judge women by their appearance irrespective of their capabilities. It makes you think of how many pre-conceived notions there are about a woman's capability. I learnt that more than 69% of Indian men agree that their judgement of women is based on their looks. I feel by making public the findings in this survey; 'Nihar' has done a great job in rejecting appearance based stereotypes. 'Nihar', through its initiatives, is tangibly enabling men and women alike to overcome obstacles to development.
What's your take on 'Brand Talk' in 'Bollywood Hungama', a unique section that not only caters exclusively to the brands and their respective brand ambassadors , but also gives the readers a chance to win some supercool merchandise from the brand?
I think 'Brand Talk' is an excellent opportunity for celebrities to interact with their consumers beyond films. It's a platform that helps us reach out to them through a brand.
Answer the following questions from the given options and win exclusive merchandise from the 'Marico Limited'. Post your answers in the comments section below:
1) Who is the brand ambassador of Marico Limited's Nihar Naturals hair oil?
(Vidya Balan / Madhuri Dixit/ Kareena Kapoor)
2) Name Vidya Balan's debut film?
(Parineeta/ Kahaani/ Hamaari Adhuri Kahaani)
3) What is the name of Nihar Naturals' report that highlights how women in India are judged on the basis of their appearances and not their capabilities?
(#IAmCapable / #IAmStrong / #ICanDoIt)

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