Ajay Devgn has a 150 day plan for Shivaay

Ajay Devgn has a 150 day plan for Shivaay

It is all happening. Ajay Devgn has just released the teaser posters of his magnum opus Shivay. As is pretty much a known fact amidst his camp, this is just a beginning as Ajay's team has already put together a massive 150 day plan for his second directorial outing.

"Diwali is on 30th October and the film has been planned for October 28 release. Exactly six months remain for that and though conventional promotion typically kick-starts a couple of months before the film hits the screens, Shivaay – which has Ajay and Eros coming together – is taking a far more expansive route. These teaser posters are just the tip of the iceberg," informs our source.
So far, everyone connected to Shivaay has been tight lipped about the core plot of the film. Rumors have ranged from the film being based on extremes as far as the book The Immortals of Meluha to the Hollywood franchise Taken. None of this is true though.
"Just because the film's launch poster had a bare-chested Ajay wearing a 'Naga' tatoo on his arm, some out there assumed that Shivaay has a mythological set up to it. These rumors died their natural death when Ajay's team posted pictures from on-location shoot in Bulgaria which clearly showed him in today's avtar. Later, when it was announced that British child actor Abigail Eames would play Ajay's daughter in the film, tongues started wagging that Shivaay may have a Taken inspiration, considering the fact that the Hollywood thriller has a father (Liam Neeson) saving his daughter from her kidnappers," says a source.

However, our insiders reveal that Shivaay is nowhere close to any of these affairs and to quash it all, snippets about the film would be revealed in 150 days to follow. "It started with Ajay being presented as The Destroyer, The Transformer and The Protector. While Lord Shiva is known as The Destroyer and The Transformer, Lord Vishnu is The Protector. Now the latest teaser poster, which has a 'Trishul' like figure made of ice, says it plain and simple 'Transform. Protect. Destroy'. It is only adding to the intrigue quotient. Is there actually a mythological element in there? Well, that has to be seen," an observer comments.

While no one is speaking yet of what it all has to offer in the context of the film, guess there are quite a few stories waiting to be told in next six months. After all, the leading lady Sayesha Saigal is said to be named Sati in the film! Go, figure!

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