Kriti Sanon Turns decorator.

Kriti Sanon
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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Kriti SanonBuying a house in Mumbai is a luxury that many can’t afford. But Kriti Sanon is one of the lucky ones. In 2014, the Bollywood actor moved out of her rented flat in Andheri (W) and bought a property in Juhu.
Now, a source reveals that she is in the process of redecorating her abode. “Kriti has decided to revamp the look of her house. She hadn’t been able to decorate her flat properly after buying it, as she was busy with her films at that time. Now, she has some time to do that,” says the source.
The actor has been shopping for her home. “Though Kriti’s interior designer is looking after the renovation, she has been taking a keen interest in the process. She is fond of scented candles. She has also been getting her walls painted, and is giving her flat a modern look,” adds the source.
Kriti wishes her house to emanate her personality. Which is why she intends on using fresh colors keep the house bright and full of happy shades. Not following any theme per say , Kriti plans to imbibe her own style decorating the corners with frames , giving her house a royal contemporary look married to a rugged appeal.
Apparently, Kriti, who hails from Delhi, has a spacious house in the Capital. Therefore, she is making sure that her flat in Mumbai has the same feel to it. “Kriti isn’t used to small spaces. To keep her flat spacious, the actor is making sure not to clutter it with too many items,” says the source.
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