Fair In Love

This is the story of a woman ALPANA, daughter to a Minister of Women Welfare of U.P. living in Kanpur to whom respect and honor was her pride. ALPANA falls in love with an Engineer” DEV” the son of  Mahuvadi Head In India, whose family lived in Jarkhand. ALPANA and Dev get married against the wish of their families and settle in Goa.  Yash the closest friend to Dev is an CBI officer, who has always been there for Dev and ALPANA at their good times and bad. Although happily married with her love partner she was always cursed with the choicest of abuses such as inauspicious witch, infertile bitch etc for not having a child. It was her husband who had a low sperm count, due to which she was unable to conceive. She never revealed about it before anyone as it would have meant demeaning her husband in front of everyone, especially his own parents. So, she took the entire blame upon herself quite willingly.  ALPANA was harassed by almost everyone ranging from her mother, in-laws to her neighbors. Since ALPANA and Dev were in love and respected each other a lot they would never think about leaving each other although forced by their parents and in laws. Her husband was quite supportive of her and loved her to the core, no matter what.

ALPANA was a poet and children were her poetry, very fond of children she involved herself into a NGO to pass her time and help the kids.

On a dark night in absence of her husband, ALPANA gets raped and gets to know that she is pregnant. Although it was the happiest moment which she longed for, the same time her emotions were in turmoil. The circumstances were such, that she unwillingly had to accept the child or else her marriage could have been in danger since her in laws were against it, but she was still bent upon to find out the culprit.

Will she be able to know the culprit? Will she succeed in getting justice? What will happen to the child?

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