Movie Preview Kuch Log

'Kuch Log' is a heart touching story of a young father who find himself in a difficult situation. At one side he is bound towards his duties as a loving husband and a caring father and on the other side as an ardent son.

The film starts with a young couple, Faisal and Naaz, who met with an ill-fated car accident. The girl is pregnant and succumbs to her fatal injury and is declared Brain-Dead. The doctors are now trying to save the baby that is still alive in the womb of the mother. They needs two weeks time for the baby to get mature and till then the girl will be kept on life support system and will be closely monitored. The task is difficult but it is worth giving a try.

This chain of events leads to a situation that sparks a conflict within the family that comprises on both extremists and moderate people. Both groups have their own arguments and logics. Both try to support their respective claims in extreme opposite directions. If they are from the same fold then how can they be so contradictory? And amidst this conflict, lies Faisal's and a few other good men's struggle to save what they think is more important than anything else in the world – a human life.

The film also deals with the issue concerning some selfish people who make their children work for money, and snatch away their childhood and their right to get proper education. This sub-plot is presented in a light manner and adds more value to the film.

'Kuch Log' is our humble effort to make an honest film, and through it if we are able to convince even one person to mend his ways…

We … all think and believe it is worth a TRY!!!

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