Movie Preview 27th December 1987 Final Match

What starts off as a mere sport of football turns into a nightmare for the players as the final match will decide not just the fate of their village but also their lives.

A village chief, who could go to any lengths to make his team win a football match, decides to create a team. The said team also includes villagers who are forcibly dragged into the sport by the chief. The team, however, manages to win two consecutive matches but is later replaced by a new one for the finals for reasons unknown. However, the new team is defeated by the opponents and hence the chief decides to bring back the older team of villagers. While they refuse to participate in the football match, they are once again forced to follow the chief's orders after he pushes the wives of the players into a well. They are saved and the team agrees to abide by the chief's words. However, they once again are blackmailed into performing well after the chief orders his men to rape and kill their wives if the team underperforms.

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