Frozen 2013

Frozen 2013

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Frozen 2013Synopsis:

Frozen follows the story of princess sisters of Elsa (soon-to-be Queen) and Anna in Arendelle. Elsa can create snow and ice, but has repressed her ability since a childhood accident. The climax of the movie occurs when Elsa let’s her powers get out of hand and freezes Arendelle into ice.

The movie’s antagonist Duke of Weselton attempts to turn the people against Elsa, for personal gain. Anna, embarks of a journey to save her sister and the kingdom, meeting handsome Kristoff, reindeer Sven and snowman Olaf along the way. 


Keeping with the recent Disney theme of introducing unconventional characters into a fairytale movie, Frozen has a lot of unique characters.

The movie’s heroines, Elsa and Anna are the antithesis of typical princess characters. The movie’s official trailer humorously played on the typical notion of the ‘prince charming’ saving the day, asking the question “who will save the day; the ice guy? The nice guy? The snowman? Or no man?” Portraying Anna as the ultimate savior. Judging by the success of Disney’s other unconventional princesses in the movies ‘Brave’ and ‘Tangled’ the audience will certainly love the princesses in ‘Frozen’ as well.

The humor element is also one that the movie aims to market on. The lovable non-human characters of Sven the reindeer and Olaf the talking snowman are surely to be loved. So much that Sven and Olaf had a movie trailer dedicated all to themselves, where they engage in a hilarious fight over Olaf’s nose (a carrot).

Disney movies have had popular non-human characters ever since very early movies, from classic characters like the mice in ‘Cinderella’  and the furniture in ‘Beauty and the Beast’, to more recent characters like the bear in ‘Brave’, non-human characters have always been loved by audiences. They will surely be a pivotal part of ‘Frozen’.

Of late, Disney has also played with the notion of the ‘anti-hero’. Instead of being the typical perfect ‘prince charming’ the recent Disney man has been on the likeable side of mischievous. In the movie ‘Tangled’ most recently, the devilishly charming Flynn Ryder was no prince-charming, but was well-loved regardless.

In the official trailer for ‘Frozen’ the typical prince (a character named Hans) is contrasted with a rugged mountain man (Kristoff). Where the prince is all charm and praises, but Kristoff steals the show with his cheeky grin, and witty arguments with Anna. The trailer makes its clear that it will be the mountain man who will be the hero and heartthrob of the movie, and the prince is there but hardly important.

What will be interesting to see is whether the prince and the mountain man clash over the girl, and who wins. Either way audiences are sure to be pleased with the movie’s leading man.

Who should watch it?

The beauty of Disney movies has always been that they are fun for the whole family. With ‘Frozen’ while many unconventional characters have been added to the movie line-up, the film promises to deliver family friendly humor for everyone. The colorful animation, beautiful princesses, and lovable funny characters make it an excellent children’s film. At the same time, witty dialogues, cheeky jokes and a smart-mouthed princess along with a roughened leading man will ensure that teens and adults will love the movie as well.

It maybe difficult to say whether the movie will match the success of recent Disney films such as ‘Brave’ and ‘Tangled’, but it is safe to say that just like the other movies, the film will be a laugh and a joy to watch with the whole family.

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