Movie Review Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3

The year 2005 witnessed a 'r-evolution' in Bollywood in the form of KYAA KOOL HAIN HUM, a film that had slapstick sex comedy in its 'raw form'. This was followed up in 2012 with its 'new and improved' version in the form of KYAA SUPER KOOL HAIN HUM. And, now, in 2016, the audiences are being treated with an 'upgraded' version of the franchise in the form of KYAA KOOL HAIN HUM 3, which is also touted to be India's first ever 'Porn-Com'. Will the third instalment of film will be more 'kool' than its 'superkool' predecessors, let's analyse.

The film starts off with the basic introduction of best buddies Rocky (Aftab Shivdasani) and Kanhaiya (Tusshar Kapoor), who have, so far, done everything together. Kanhaiya apparently suffers from a colour disorder, because of which every time he sees the colour red, he becomes 'squint-eyed' or as the makers put it… 'cock-eyed' (no pun intended there!). Due to their constant goof ups, the two end up broke and homeless. However, a ray of hope comes to them in the form of their long lost friend Mickey (Krishna Abhishek) who is based in Bangkok. Mickey invites Rocky and Kanhaiya to Bangkok to try their hand at making a living there. However, what Mickey refrains from telling them is that he makes porn films for a living, along with his regular set of actors in the form of Sakku (Gizele Thakral), Mary Lee (Claudia Ciesla), Sushil (Andy Kumar) and his colleague played by Danny Sura. Though Rocky and Kanhaiya are initially reluctant to work as porn stars, the lure for money convinces them to agree to be a part of Mickey's porn star group. All goes well till the time Kanhaiya falls head over heels in love with Shalu (Mandana Karimi). In order to impress her, he always is willing to walk that extra mile. But when Shalu tells Kanhaiya that her father Surya Karjatya (Darshan Jariwala) wants to see him and his family for their marriage, Kanhaiya, left with no choice, tells the 'porn stars' group to disguise themselves as his traditional 'sanskari' family. What follows is a comedy of errors, mistaken identities and chaos… all of this leading to a topsy-turvy situation. Will Shalu's father discover the reality of Kanhaiya, what happens to the duo of Rocky and Kanhaiya in the end, does Mickey help Rocky and Kanhaiya in getting out of the situation that has been created by him… is what forms the rest of the film.

The film's director Umesh Ghadge, who had earlier directed a Marathi film WELCOME ZINDAGI and had even assisted David Dhawan on films like MAIN TERA HERO, CHASHME BADDOOR and PARTNER, makes his Bollywood directorial debut with KYAA KOOL HAIN HUM 3 (KKHH 3). Said to be India's first ever 'Porn-com' the first half of the film lives up to its adage and decently plays along with the franchise theme of being a sex comedy. However, come the second half of the film, Ghadge seems lost and directionless with the entire film appearing to be comic scenes stitched together to make a full length feature film, turning what could have been an entertaining slap stick comedy into a pure disaster. Replete with negative aspects, KKHH3 hinges on a wafer thin plot, and relies largely on jokes and gags. Overall, with outrageous lines and scandalous visuals which appear funny at times but cheap in the overall perspective, the film is nothing but an assimilation of funny and not so funny scenes stitched together which does not create the desired impact. Filled with sexual innuendoes, adult jokes and impish humour that seems forced in the narrative, KKHH 3 turns into a serious letdown with the blame solely on the director Umesh Ghadge and its shabby writing cum vacuous screenplay by writers Mushtaq Sheikh and Milap Zaveri. Though there are instances where you feel like Umesh has somehow managed (read 'struggled') to maintain the film's proceedings, they are few and are limited to the first half of the film. In fact the only scenes which leave an impact are the funny takes on Bollywood films like KICK, ROCKSTAR, SINGHAM, EK VILLAIN, SHOLAY, CHENNAI EXPRESS… to name a few.

While the music (Sajid-Wajid) of the film is nothing to write about, it remains an average fair with the track 'Aaj House Party Hai' being the only song that leaves an impression of sorts. The background score (Raju Singh) does help lift a few moments but is not enough. The unmemorable music coupled with a bad script by Mushtaq Sheikh and Milap Zaveri, compounded with bad direction destroys the otherwise success franchise. Even dialogues by Milap are a letdown. The editing (Nitin Rokade), cinematography (Manoj Soni) and sound (Parikshit Lalwani, Kunal Mehta) are average. At many places, there have been audio replacements made from what was seen in promo, which adds to the list of spoilsports in the film.

As for the performances, the film that should have clearly belonged to its protagonists Aftab Shivdasani and Tusshar Kapoor, lands up being a no man's film. The camaraderie between Aftab Shivdasani and Tusshar Kapoor seems forcibly funny and comical. The sad part is that while Tusshar and Aftab are decent they are more often than not left out in the cold with a weak script. Krishna is good but underused; with a lack of dialogues his role is rather minimal. The scene that sees him justifying the reason he creates dirty movies to support Somalian kids is difficult to comprehend and evokes pity on the script writer. As for the heroines who should have ideally shown their acting talent, land up showing only skin. Mandana who could have had a more meaningful role has little to do except looking hot, while the other two actresses, Gizele Thakral and Claudia Ciesla, have little else to do but titillate the audience. If that wasn't enough the inclusion of Shakti Kapoor and the others in the cast seems to have no objective but to add to the confusion. Even a cameo by Riteish Deshmukh doesn't help the film from being a self-constructed 'Satyanaash'. With the viewer getting fidgety despite the barrage of jokes continuing non-stop, a large section of its target audience will spurn and snub this movie. What remains a mystery and a big question to everyone is, 'How did the makers of the film approve such a script in the first place?'

On the whole, KYAA KOOL HAIN HUM 3 suffers from a weak script and vacuous screenplay which will be a huge turnoff even for its target audience. The masses will be disappointed and box office prospects will also be a grim disappointment for the makers after the initial hysteria subsides.

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