5 Common Uses for Semi Trailers

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

5 Common Uses for Semi Trailers

A semi-trailer is similar to a regular trailer with the only difference being the lack of a front axle. You'll find that semi-trailers of any size have many different uses and are highly versatile. This will explain some of the more common uses, but you can use semi-trailers to haul just about anything.

Construction Materials

It doesn't matter if you need wood, metal or other heavy materials hauled. You can fit nearly anything in a semi-trailer. You can also comfortably fit equipment, tools, supplies like screws and nails and so much more. Every construction project needs a lot of materials and you want to reduce your number of trips to get the project done as quickly as possible.

Farm Equipment

Every farm, from the smallest to the biggest, needs big pieces of equipment to be successful. You need equipment for laying seeds, tending the landing, harvesting your crops and so on. Moving this equipment can be tedious, but a semi-trailer can make everything much easier. You can often move several pieces of equipment at once depending on the size of your semi-trailer. This saves you time and effort by making the project much smoother.

Scrap Metal

Many people need to haul scrap metal. Maybe you're doing a construction project and removing a substantial amount of old metal. You might also have a contract with local construction companies to move the scrap metal for a fee. Some people also collect scrap metal and recycle it for a profit. No matter the reason, semi-trailers have massive capacities. This ensures that you can haul a lot of scrap metal with ease.

Super Sacks

Super sacks are flexible containers meant for moving items in bulk. These are most commonly used for moving granule products like sand, fine plastics and fertilizers. These can technically be used to move anything else as they are simply large, strong bags. The largest super sacks can hold up to 5,500 pounds. Regardless of their size, you should be able to fit several super sacks in a semi-trailer.

Baled Tires

Baled tires are large blocks of used tires that have been compressed together for safe and effective transportation. A common bale consists of about 100 tires. The material can often be sold to create new tires or for many other uses. If you need to move baled tires for any reason, you should consider using a semi-trailer. They are large enough to fit several bales with ease.

Anything Else

Semi-trailers are very versatile and quite large. Nearly anything you can think of can be hauled by these trailers. While the common uses have been discussed here, you can also haul cars, furniture, supplies for businesses and so much more. You can buy the trailers outright to use whenever you need them, or look for trailers for rent whenever you have a project where hauling is required.


Semi-trailers are great for any standard hauling needs and there are many sizes to choose from. You'll find that these can haul nearly anything as long as you don't need the items to be temperature controlled.

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