Toyota retains number one position in the world

The number one car manufacturer in the world remains Toyota although the new and improved General Motors is not far behind. Reuters has reported that GM was less than 30,000 units shy of tying Toyota for sales in 2010. Toyota has apparently held onto its number one position for the third straight year starting when General Motors lost the title in 2008 after nearly eight decades at the top of the heap.
The news shows that Toyota has weathered the storm of controversy surrounding the recall of 10 million cars in its single largest market, the United States. Rivals like Ford and Hyundai profited from the safety crisis by stepping in to fill the public need for a perceived protection of a product with an unblemished track record. While studies subsequently proved that the hype around the safety of Toyota’s vehicles was statistically unfounded, the damage had been done and Toyota went into overdrive trying to assuage the fears of a nervous market.
Back in December, Toyota announced its Star System (see Toyota announces Star System – Dec 6/2010) as part of its on-going campaign to regain and retain buyer confidence and loyalty. Obviously, the company did an excellent job of quashing any and all concerns over its safety record and has once again come out on top. However, as the Wall Street Journal put it, "Toyota is happy to see 2010 through the rear view mirror."
Nevertheless, GM is not far behind. This is a surprise considering how bad off the company was. Let’s not forget it had to get a bail-out from the U.S. government and has managed to miraculously turn itself around and come back a player. Good news for investors.

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  1. Here is Similar Story

    The year 2010 was not a good one for Toyota, but the company still managed to beat General Motors and Volkswagen and keep the comment_content_author_url of the world’s number one automaker. Including Lexus, Daihatsu, and Hino Motors, deliveries increased by 8 percent to 8.42 million units in 2010.

    In the U.S., Toyota and Lexus together saw sales increase 0.3 percent during 2010. Sales performance in China and other countries more than outweighed the slowing demand in the U.S., for Toyota. In calendar year 2011, Toyota is projecting an increase to about 8.6 million units.

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