Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Launch Party

I had no time this week as I was rereading all of my HP novels. I did not want to proceed ahead without finishing the previous novels. A lot of book tubers and book bloggers were ecstatic for the launch of Harry Potter's 8th instalment. We've been counting days as Rowling revealed that the book would launch on Harry's birthday. We gathered at my friend's place and went to DMC together as we wanted to have an unforgettable experience. TDF arranged an exclusive meet up for the bloggers, and one of my friends managed to secure a spot for me. However, I did not want to leave the queue so I sent my friends to join the lot; they had free chicken and a goody bag full of Harry Potter goodies. I really missed this one, did I not? Anyway, I was desperate for the book but there were multiple queues so they asked me to wait for my turn. To my utter surprise, the mall was fully crowded. Individuals were dressed up in robes; some of them were casting spells while others were dozing off in the queues. Furthermore, the Cakery was offering free cookies to everyone; a witch offered me her cauldron and gave me 2 instead of one. Perhaps she thought I was as attractive as Professor Lockhart.
The Potterheads were eagerly waiting for the launch of 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' as it unfolds the mystery of what happened after 19 years. Harry, Ron and Hermione fought the Dark War and rescued Hogwarts from the Dark Lord. I cannot forget the moment when Professor Snape died as we all cried our hearts out. I am very much tempted to recall the story, but I won't as this post is all about the 8th book. The 7th part ended with some unfinished business, and I'm glad that Rowling decided to write one more Harry Potter novel. I haven't read the book yet as I'm going through the previous novels. I wanted to start from the beginning so I could have a satisfactory end.
I shall now come back to the launch party; I forgot to state that Butlers gave free coffee to a few wizards, but I am very disappointed that I did not get one. After spending all of our strength in the queues, we decided to eat something from the food court. I went back downstairs to click a couple of photographs for the blog, but Platform 9¾ was jam-packed. I wanted them to clear some space, but they did not so I left the platform and moved towards the Hogwarts express as I did not want to miss my train.


It was a magical day and we had so much fun. I hope you lovely lasses like my post and I shall see you in the next one.
Until next time!
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