Panorama India

Canada is a multi-cultural society, which encourages its residents to preserve and promote their culture and heritage. The Indo-Canadian population in Ontario is large, prosperous, and vibrant, consisting of various regional groups, each with its own arts, culture, and language. Many of them have established their own individual community and/or cultural organizations. Panorama India was established in 1999, as a non-profit umbrella organization, to help unite these cultural associations and groups, project a common identity based on their Indian heritage, and celebrate Unity in Diversity. It provides a platform for all Indian cultural associations, groups, and individuals to exhibit and showcase their arts and culture and to foster a better relationship between India and Canada.
Exhibiting the generous spirit of the Indian culture, Panorama India has donated funds to many worthy causes over the years.  In January of 2000, it donated $100,000 to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) for its South Asian Gallery, made a sizable donation of Rs. 2 Million to the Prime Minister of India’s National Relief Fund in 2001, generously gave $10,000 to the William Osler Health Center Foundation in Brampton in 2002, and donated $5,000.00 towards the Tsunami Victims’ Fund.
Panorama India is proud to bridge both Indian and Canadian cultures.  It celebrates three main events through out the year, the Republic Day of India, India’s Independence Day, and Canada Day.  The former two are celebrated by holding two separate Cultural Shows.  Each cultural show includes a variety entertainment program from different regions of India, arts and crafts displays, a Meena Bazaar, and delicious food stalls.  The Canada Day celebration, now called Canada-India Day Gala Dinner, is a fund-raising event. The funds raised at the Gala enables us to hold various other events to showcase India’s art, culture and heritage to the mainstream Canadians. As the Indian communities grows and prosper in Canada, Panorama India hopes to be actively involved in helping the community also meet its social and other needs. 

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