The Best Of Saturday Night Live With Aziz Ansari

In some ways, this week Saturday Night Live In some ways, this week Saturday Night Live dialed down the political coverage. There was no Alec Baldwin as Trump, but there was a dystopian musical-theater nightmare montage of Kellyanne Conway.

In his opening monologue, host Aziz Ansari offered a plea for us to call come together and respect each other’s views. He also suggested the “small minority” of people who think Trump’s election means they can step out of the closet as racists should step right back in.

Leslie Jones spoke to all of us with her Weekend News segment on Hidden Figures. And the sketch on La La Land’s divisiveness hit all the arguments we’ve been making for and against the film. Have the SNL writers been reading Refinery29?

Finally, and perhaps most helpfully, Ansari and Bobby Moynihan showed us exactly how to get (and lose) a five-star rating on Uber.

As for the Vladimir Putin cold open, thanks for explaining how to lie. And thanks for mitigating them with a pussy hat.

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Vladimir Putin Cold Open

When Vladimir Putin thinks your lies about crowd size are hard to swallow, perhaps rethink your position. Shout out to Kate McKinnon’s pussy hat.

Aziz Ansari’s Monologue

It’s actually great that Aziz talked about togetherness in our divided times. Also, it’s great to be reminded his parents came here from India to live in South Carolina and that’s where the accent comes from.

La La Land Interrogation

City of dreams, are you the greatest movie of all time or the worst? The world may never know.

Kellyanne Conway

This sketch freaked me out. It imagines Kellyanne Conway as a Roxy in Cabaret type character, but with a clearer narcissistic/disassociative personality disorder. Basically, horrifying.

Five Stars

What would you do for a five star Uber rating? No really, how much is it worth to you?

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