Your September Horoscope, Revealed

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Your September Horoscope, Revealed

Could sanity and serenity actually be returning to Planet Earth? After August’s mind-boggling (and at times, mind-blowing) eclipse season, we could all use a little more calm. On September 5, Mercury snaps out of a retrograde that began August 12 and scrambled signals clear up. Also, from the 5th to the 22nd, the sun and make-it-happen Mars will conspire in Virgo, traveling together through the Zodiac’s humble, service-oriented sign. Virgo vibes help us get productive! But with creatrix Venus still in flamboyant Leo until the 19th, we could churn out something both practical and magical. Pro tip: Source materials that are sustainably produced, consciously raised, and even upcycled. Earth sign Virgo keeps us conscious of our footprint as we build.

Although we’ll be busy bees this September, Cupid has not abandoned the scene. On September 5, a dreamy full moon in Pisces ups the fantasy factor. Is it true love or fairy-tale romanticizing? Ugh, who cares?! Sure, we might all be a little delusional around this day, but that’s kind of what makes it all so scintillating. But after that trip down the rabbit hole, we will need some reality checks to make sure it’s actually all Wonderland and not just a magic moment. On the 22nd, the sun beams into partnership-oriented Libra for a month. Casual dating situations could turn into something more official in September’s final quarter. Expect an uptick in wedding announcements and Instagram-official couplings — and one of those posts could very well be yours. And from the 19th on, cosmic lovebirds Venus and Mars will share a flight path through Virgo making sure the relationships remain healthy and devoted.

August 23 to September 22

Thought you’d ease gently into autumn? Mwahaha! The planets have a very different plan for you, Virgo, and you’re actually going to love it. The confidence-boosting sun is in your sign until September 22, which already gives you life. Mercury ends its retrograde on the 5th and you’ll have clarity around your direction again. And from September 5 to October 22, motivator Mars pours rocket fuel in your tanks as it speeds through Virgo. You simply can’t ignore your calling or sideline your dreams for another second. Yes, that means you’ll have to be a bit more “selfish” than your service-oriented sign generally rolls. But Mars only visits your sign every other year and you don’t want to miss this window of opportunity by scattering yourself in too many directions. But wait, there’s more! From September 19 to October 14, cosmic creatrix Venus will also zoom through Virgo. Maybe it’s time to rebrand yourself with a totally new look — or just put yourself out there in a more public way. You’ll get one more surge of momentum on the 20th, thanks to 2017’s only new moon in Virgo. Write a wish list, make a vision board: A picture says a thousand words and helps you manifest what you actually want.

Although relationships might take the back burner, you won’t be stuck in little girl cave all month. On the 6th, the full moon in Pisces activates your relationship house and could bring a milestone moment with your S.O. (Is that a ring in their pocket, even?) Single Virgos could meet a keeper or get back onto the dating apps to swipe, swipe again. And with Venus in Virgo after the 19th, you’ll definitely be in demand. With all the exciting but frenetic energy of Virgo season, it might be hard to put your best plans in motion. Focus returns on the 22nd as the sun hunkers down in Libra and your second house of work and money. Simplify and streamline your procedures and plans. Scaling back could also mean having a tangible Version 1.0 to show off before 2017 is through!

September 23 to October 22

Break out that bucket list — and don’t wait until you’re, like, 70, to tick those boxes. Jupiter, the astrological arbiter of good fortune and extreme expansion, is spending one final full month (of 13) in your sign, revving you up for adventure. The jovial, red-spotted planet only visits your sign every 12.5 years. You’ve been his host since September 9, 2016. You’ve no doubt grown and stretched since then…or at least thought about it. But where are you still holding out? With the sun in Virgo and your 12th house of transitions until the 22nd — and make-it-happen Mars in Virgo from September 5 onward — you may have to let something go in order to grow. Surrender, Libra, instead of trying to control the situation or force an outcome. Something better will reveal itself, but not until you open your mind and heart. There might even be a teary goodbye near the full moon on the 6th or just an intense epiphany revealing your need to make a change.

On the 22nd, Libra season begins and you’ll be ready to make an epic move of sorts. You might apply for school, start your own independent business, or take a big step with your romantic interest. Some aspect of your life feels ready for a refresh. Take a gamble, Libra, and step outside of your comfort zone. That’s where the magic happens. Jupiter is the world traveler, so why not fete your birthday in a distant corner of the world? You might love it enough to return there regularly or even relocate.

October 23 to November 21

All manicured hands on deck! Teamwork makes the Scorpio dream work in September as the sun and motivator Mars join forces in your 11th house of community and technology from the 5th to the 19th. Your challenge? Finding people who can live up to your standard of excellence. You don’t trust easily — never have, never will. But instead of leading with a suspicious mind (in love, business, friendship…all of it), try training people to do things as you like them to be done. By the new moon on the 20th, you’ll see who’s a star pupil and who’s a lost cause. A digital venture could pad your pockets. Would learning new software bump you to a higher pay grade? Take the training, Scorpio!

Romantically, September could start with a round of fireworks, thanks to the passionate Pisces full moon on the 6th. An attraction that’s been evolving over the past six months could hit the tipping point — hot! Some Scorpios could get a case of baby fever during this fertile full moon, or you could give birth to a brilliant creative project. Someone might even drop to a knee with a ring or a final rose. With amorous Venus in Leo and your career zone until the 19th, a work crush could get some traction. Attached? You could live out a power couple fantasy and start a business with bae. Mixing business with pleasure isn’t always a bad idea, just make sure you both have clearly marked turf to avoid lovers’ quarrels. When the sun drifts into Libra and your dreamy, escapist 12th house, you have an excuse to get away from it all. Capitalize on those low season rates and slip off for a spa weekend or some pre-birthday island-hopping. Once you’re refreshed, declutter and tie up loose ends so you can begin Scorpio season on October 22 with a clean slate.

November 22 to December 21

Should you let your hair down or keep your nose to the grindstone? In September, the answer is: both. Mars, the planet of momentum, makes his biennial stopover to Virgo and your 10th house of career from September 5 to October 22. Don’t sleep on your ambitions! Your initiative could send you soaring to new heights of success — especially while the sun is also beaming in Virgo until September 22. Socializing could churn up some killer connections after the 19th, when charming Venus accompanies her partner, Mars, in Virgo for a few weeks. Before then, however, she’ll linger in Leo and your wildly adventurous ninth house. You could start September off with a legendary love affair or an unexpected opportunity to travel for the pleasurable pursuit of one of your passions. Book a romantic getaway after Mercury turns direct on the 5th — even an outdoorsy one could be an aphrodisiac.

The new moon on the 20th will also be like rocket fuel for your career. But don’t let it get lonely at the top. The sun heads into Libra and your communal 11th house on the 22nd, joining your ruling planet, daring Jupiter there. Cast a wider net when searching for collaborators. Your dream team might be assembled virtually, with a squad member in every port. Widen your IRL circle, too. Your fall calendar will be flooded with exciting extracurriculars before September is through. This solar-powered cycle is also great for all things tech, from updating devices to opening shop on Etsy to carving out your niche as an Instagram superstar.

December 22 to January 19

Summer vacation might be over, but who says you can’t fete fall with an epic getaway? Until the 22nd, the sun beams in Virgo and your nomadic ninth house. Sunning in Santorini or maybe checking out America’s weirdest landmarks…why not, Capricorn? With Mercury ending a schedule-muddling retrograde on the 5th, you’ll have an easier time negotiating the time off from work — and unearthing a killer deal. Closer to home, make “intersectionality” your favorite word for fall. Cross-cultural (and cross-everything) mingling makes your social life sing and, as a bonus, could rev up your activist spirit. With the full moon in Pisces lighting up your house of friendships on the 6th, your circle will expand. Loosen up those boundaries a little and you may realize that you read a certain crowd all wrong. These locally-grown unicorns might be weirder than your go-to crew, but they could sort of become your soul tribe if you give them a chance.

Romantically, make it your priority to find or nurture a healthy relationship. With amorous Venus in your wellness corner until the 19th, you might meet your mate on an adjacent yoga mat — or get the buddy workouts going with bae. Your career will heat up on the 22nd when Libra season begins. Joining forces with another power player could be your express ticket to the VIP room. Groom yourself for growth by working alongside an influencer or investing in sessions with a career coach. Paying your dues could pay off before 2017 is through!

January 20 to February 18

A light and fluffy start to fall? Nope, sorry. Your feelings run towards the intense this September as you plumb the depths of intimacy and erotic exploration. From the 5th to the 22nd, the sun and passion planet Mars unite in Virgo and your playing-for-keeps eighth house. And, from the 19th on, Venus will shimmy alongside her dance partner Mars in Virgo. Get your bedroom up to Cupid’s code: You could be spending a lot more time there this month. Happily hooked-up Aquarians might load up the toy chest and enjoy some pleasurable exploration. If romance was rocky in late summer, take heart. On September 5, Mercury flips out of a quarrel-inducing retrograde that began on August 12. Scrambled signals clear up and bae may finally stop pulling away. Or, you’ll realize — finally — that it’s time to move on…or move in together. Expect epiphanies either way by the new moon on the 20th.

At work, this could be a big money month, especially if you embrace the competitive mindset and allow yourself to “take up space” that is rightfully yours. (Manslammers, you’ve been put on notice.) On the 6th, the full moon in Pisces could bring rewards for your hard work of the past six months. But don’t just settle for glowing praise. If you’ve earned a raise, schedule a performance review and ask for what you deserve. (It might not be offered to you otherwise.) Ready for expansion? On the 22nd, the sun heads into Libra and your worldly, adventurous ninth house. Set up the fare alerts and research low season rates. You might even travel for work, study, or to explore a long-distance love affair before September is through.

February 19 to March 20

Get ready for your close-up. On September 6, the full moon in Pisces throws the spotlight directly on you. Since you only get one full moon in your sign most years, maximize this opportunity to pitch, promote, and present your passion projects. With Mercury snapping out of retrograde one day earlier on the 5th, you’ll hit the right note. And nothing wrong with posting some shameless mirror selfies. But why not take it one step further? Set up the tripod and timer and do a full-on photo shoot. If you’re not feeling “camera ready” on the 6th, maybe it’s time to take better care of yourself. Radiant Venus hovers in your wellness zone until the 19th, inspiring healthy, natural living. Upgrade to a pro-approved skin care regimen (these are all under $20!) and making walking or running outdoors your thing for fall — with a great playlist, of course.

Relationship goals will also give you reason to wake up every morning this September. From the 5th to the 22nd, the confidence-boosting sun and passionate Mars share a flight path through Virgo and your seventh house of partnerships. Then, Venus joins up with her companion Mars in Virgo from the 19th on, bringing more fast-moving energy for your love life. A basic romance will never do for your fantasy-driven sign, but you could do without the highs and lows of someone who’s “exciting” but unstable. In September, you could find your complementary force who can bring the heat but also do the “comfortable silence” thing well. Single? The Virgo new moon on the 20th could illuminate a keeper. Coupled Pisces could hit a new milestone — one that only deepens as the sun embarks on a monthlong tour through Libra and your “playing for keeps” eighth house on the 22nd.

March 21 to April 19

Get your glow on, Aries! September brings a high-energy boost from the sun and your ruling planet, Mars, who will both cruise through Virgo and your wellness zone from the 5th until the 22nd. No time like the present for renewing your gym membership or trying out a few new studios on ClassPass. Make sure your blazer game is up to snuff. With your career getting a boost from this sun-Mars duo, you could be pitching, presenting, and power-lunching. If you’re in the market for a new gig, circulate on LinkedIn and get an interview outfit ready. You could radar in on a great opportunity by the new moon on the 20th — and with these tips, you won’t have to lose everything you’ve already worked so hard to gain.

But all work and no play will never be the Aries way. Lucky you, Ram, your summer love forecast extends all the way until September 19 as Venus percolates in Leo and your ultra-passionate fifth house. Someone could literally sweep you off your stilettos, but what’s just as likely is that you’ll be the fierce pursuer of the one you want. Is an old hurt standing in the way of new love — or the next chapter with your S.O.? On the 6th, the Pisces full moon sets the stage for closure. Maybe you stop trying to be “friends” with that ex who still gets under your skin or you delete the contact info of anyone who has ever ghosted you, even if they always pop back up. Relationships take a turn for the exclusive after the 22nd when the Libra sun lights up your commitment house for a month. Attached Aries could take a big step together before September is through. Single? Don’t rule out someone who is clearly your opposite. A complementary force might be just what you need.

April 20 to May 20

You, Taurus, have never been — and never will be — anyone’s side piece. Your traditional sign wants the whole enchilada, and why not? And when it comes to love, September stars have a zero-tolerance policy for any sort of settling. With the discerning Virgo sun in your fifth house of romance until the 22nd, raise the bar high and keep it there! From September 5 on, passionate Mars will also tour Virgo, joined by his heavenly mate, Venus, after the 19th. Choose your dates wisely and this could stack up to be 2017’s brightest month for amour. But if you waste your time chasing peacocks, you could blow the opportunity to find lasting love. Willpower, Taurus, willpower. A certain amount of swagger can be attractive, but make sure the object of your affections has heart and character to back up the game. Meeting a mate through mutual friends is always a good way to go. A group hang could turn up a promising prospect near the full moon on the 6th. The new moon on the 20th could also reveal a keeper — or help coupled Bulls find the confidence to evolve to the next stage of the game: sharing an apartment, getting engaged, even making babies.

The fifth house also rules fame and self-expression, and with so much action there, you could feel like a bit of a celebrity this September. Do what it takes to get your talents into the public eye. Prefer to pull strings behind the scenes? Schedule a performance review near the new moon and you could be launched into a leadership role of sorts. But with great power comes great responsibility. Roll up your sleeves and get some actual work done after the 22nd, when the sun hunkers down in Libra and your industrious sixth house. Since your sign is inspired by beauty (and yes, luxury), decorating your workspace can help you buckle down and focus! Pay attention to your health, too. Preventative medicine like taking a daily vitamin, stress-releasing workouts, and getting enough sleep can keep those cooler weather bugs away.

May 21 to June 20

Start pinning feminist tattoos — and maybe even set up an appointment once Mercury turns retrograde on the 5th. With the sun in Virgo and your girl power zone this September, you could start the fall with a fresh focus on activism, especially women’s rights. Your battle cry gets louder after the 5th when warrior Mars thunders into Virgo. Look out, mansplainers, cultural appropriators, and blatant supremacists — Gemini is not holding back. After the 19th, when creatrix Venus gets in the passenger seat alongside Mars, you could use the arts to move your message to the masses. Think: song lyrics to viral memes to installation graphics. On a less politically-charged note, this Virgo energy will also bring out the domestic goddess in you. After fighting the good fight out there in the world, you need to come home to a haven and sanctuary. Mars could motivate you to fix up your place or move to a better location if it’s time. Or, cut costs by finding a roommate — but don’t rush! With your buzzy social life and varied interests, you need to feel free to dance around in your underwear (at 2 a.m.) or have friends pop in at a moment’s notice…without getting the roomie side-eye. Is it time to turn your apartment into a cohabitation station? Coupled Gems could start talking shared leases or at least spare keys when Mars and Venus team up after the 19th.

After the 22nd, you might trade those bunny slippers for a pair of glitter boots. The sun bursts into Libra and your glamorous, passionate fifth house for a month, rolling out the red carpet for you. A project you’ve been developing could draw major attention, positioning you as an influencer or even bringing fame. With global Jupiter also in Libra at the end of the month, your talents could be recognized in a far-flung corner of the world. Some Geminis could be traveling regularly to perform, present, or pucker up for a long-distance love affair. Romantic developments could evolve fast and furious during Libra season. Coupled Geminis could take a bold step together, even hopping aboard the mothership if you’re ready for such a move. Either way, plan more playdates and bring the fun back into your bond.

June 21 to July 22

Thought you’d tuck away in your cozy sweater and crab shell? Not so fast, Cancer. A social September is in store for you as the sun, energizer Mars, and enchanting Venus all visit Virgo and your extroverted third house. Snap out of that tech trance! Your Instagram friends are cool, but they’re not actually…here. If you look up, you’ll see some living, breathing humans who could bring some fun to your fall extracurricular lineup. Surrender, Cancer, and just go to the office happy hour or the open mic night at the neighborhood coffee shop or pub. You could become a local celebrity by reading a poem or belting out some Nicki Minaj lyrics at karaoke. (Being an appreciative audience member works, too.) Of course, a little right-swiping never hurt. A Tinder date with a neighborhood cutie could turn into a legit thing this month. Even coupled Crabs will feel extra flirtatious. Enjoy the banter because it will just make you feel sexier when you head home to bae.

You might even travel early in the month! On the 6th, the full moon in Pisces sets off a round of wanderlust. No reason you can’t work remotely from the Greek Isles or your friend’s apartment on the opposite coast, right? On the 22nd, you can reinstate your domestic goddess privileges as the sun drifts into Libra and your home-loving fourth house. But just because you’re staying in doesn’t mean you should isolate yourself. Spruce up the place (maybe with these IKEA hacks?) and host dinner parties and a girl’s night sleepover, even. Women will play a powerful role in helping you expand during Libra season, especially since horizon-broadening Jupiter will accompany the sun until October 10. Tap your network of powerful ladies for basically anything — and think about what you could do to support one of your sisters in her ascent. What goes around comes around.

July 23 to August 22

You’re ready to get back down to business this September, Leo — but not at the expense of glamour. With celestial style queen Venus touring your sign until the 19th, you could set the bar for fall fashion or at least raise it for yourself. When you look good, you feel good; and that makes you extra magnetic, which certainly won’t hurt during your annual visit from Venus, the planet of love. You could have more than the usual amount of admirers clamoring for your attention in September. Don’t be surprised if one pops up at work, or even the gym, near the Pisces full moon on the 6th. While you prefer stricter boundaries between work and play, there are special connections that are worthy of exceptions. But this full moon can make you prone to romanticizing, so take it super slow in cases like this. Coupled Leos might find that need for a longer leash and looser restrictions on flirting. Easy, though. There’s a thin line between harmless banter and an emotional affair. You might be better off channeling that juicy energy into a creative project. With Venus in your sign, you could get totally turned on by your damn self. When she moves on to Virgo after the 19th, you’ll be happy you didn’t blow it with a dependable soul just for a night of thrills.

Work will be busy all month with motivator Mars powering through your industrious second house from September 5 to October 22. You’ll have plenty of motivation to be productive — so much that you could stress yourself out! Mars is equal parts energizing and agitating. Be ambitious, but also realistic, setting goals that are attainable and allow you to get more than two hours of sleep every night. A new job or position could pop up with the new moon on the 20th. Put your name in the running! You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain, Leo. Your social life heats up after the 22nd when the sun moves into Libra and your buzzy third house for a month. Hit the networking circuit! A profitable partnership could be one cocktail party away! Feeling enterprising? Teaming up on a project with a coworker, sibling, or close friend could bring street cred and spare cash. Test the waters with something small first and see how it goes.

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