Sleepy Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Rich and famous people aren’t like you and me, they have better hair, better teeth and children with much stranger names. They basically operate in a different world. One not governed by the same rules as ours.

Whereas we queue for check in they are chauffeured directly to the steps of their private jet. Where we pack our kids off to the seaside on a sunny day, they buy their kids a private island for their birthday.

The differences are endless, even down to the fundamental things in life that you might imagine we all do in the same way – like sleep for instance. I don’t just mean they have fancier beds, no they even sleep differently to little you and me.

Don’t believe me? Well read on below as we take a glimpse at the sleepy lifestyles of the rich and famous…

Tom Cruise – The Snoratorium

It’s no surprise the ever youthful Tom Cruise puts a lot of thought into how he sleeps. He needs to keep his energy up for all that on-screen running he does.

A few years ago it was revealed that the Mission Impossible star and big time Scientologist fan cocooned himself each night in a so-called ‘snoratorium’. This being a padded and atmospherically-controlled room where his snoring couldn’t disrupt his then spouse Katie Holmes.

Hmmm…makes you look at his performance in 1994’s Interview with the Vampire in a slightly new light doesn’t it? Me thinks he may have gone a little too method.

Michael Phelps – Boy in a Box

When preparing for the Olympics giant footed swimmer Michael Phelps trained day and night, literally even while he slept.

In the run up to the 2012 summer games he took to sleeping in a giant altitude chamber.

Effectively a big box with a bed in it, the contraption was designed to mimic the environment you would find 9000 ft up a mountainside.

While to you and me this might sound weird way to lull yourself, there was a very good reason why Phelps made this seemingly bizarre choice of bed. He was practicing what is known in athletics as, the “live high, train low” method of training. By sleeping in a space with less oxygen than he was used to, it forced his body to work harder to produce red blood cells, effectively continuing his training while he slept.

This technique then allowed him to be at optimal physical performance once he was let out his box and into the pool. It all sounds a little mad but it seemed to work as Phelps came home with four golds and two silvers to his name.

Got to get me a box!

Eminem – Rapping windows

Rapper Eminem has had a well-documented troubled relationship with sleep. In 2006 he admitted struggling to sleep without medication when on tour, especially on bus and planes.

Then back in 2012 the Sun Newspaper alleged that when on the road the Detroit musician makes an unusual request of all the hotels he stays in. The report claimed that Eminem requests that to ensure no light pollution leaks into his room from ill fitting curtains the hotel staff are to wrap the windows in tinfoil.

It seems the Real Slim Shady likes his bedroom, well, really shady.

Mariah Carey – Humid harmonies

Pop diva Mariah Carey once revealed in a magazine interview that she had something of a fondness for humidifiers in the bedroom. Stating that, “Literally, I’ll have 20 humidifier around my bed.” Comparing her bedroom to a steam room the singer believed the moistened air helped to soothe her frequent sore throats.

Mariah’s weird sleep habits don’t end there, in another interview she claimed that she often sleeps slightly longer than the average person, well, a lot longer in fact. Stating, that to be able to sing the way she does that she has to get 15 hours kip a night. That’s more than twice the what an average Joe gets.

Knowing Mariah and her fondness for comfort, I’m pretty sure she also sleeps on a pretty nice bed, maybe something a little like one of these beauties.

Nikola Tesla – The father of Power Napping

When it comes to the title of ‘king of the eccentric geniuses’, Nikola Tesla definitely has a strong claim for the title.

The holder of over 300 patents the inventor is most famous for giving the the world AC electricity: the stuff that comes out the plugs and effectively charges everything you own. Thanks Nik!

Tesla reportedly never slept for more than two hours at any one time. Preferring instead to nap frequently. While this might not work for me and you, it clearly did for him. The polymath reportedly had the ability to memorise entire books by heart.

Although, he also allegedly had a platonic love affair with a pigeon who frequented his laboratory. So maybe he should’ve got just a little bit more sleep. Just a little.

Oprah Winfrey – Blowing bubbles

There are fewer people on the planet who fit the description ‘rich and famous’ more than Oprah Winfrey. The television star and one woman empire has one surprisingly normal bedtime ritual that she swears by – a nice bath.

In a interview with Harper’s Bazaar she described herself as a “bathing professional” adding that “I have different bubble baths, salts, beads, and oils.”

Well, if it works for Oprah it’s good enough for me. Finally a sleepy technique I can agree with. Time to run me a bath.

I hope you enjoying reading our little journey through the weird and wonderful world of celebrity sleep. I’m sure there are many more celebrity sleeping secrets out there that we haven’t yet discovered. Maybe Tom Hanks hangs upside down in a cupboard like a bat. Or Meryl Streep covers herself in cucumber. Who can say? Watch this space.

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