History of what happened in Mexico on May 5th 1862

There is a history of what happened on May 5th 1862 in Mexico.  Mayans were big on human sacrifice.   On May 5, 1862, the Mexican authorities started to celebrate the battles where lots of people were killed.  This is the Mexican Independence Day.  See more at:


During war, if the deaths occur at the right place and at the right time it is indeed a sacrifice.  FYI the militaries are totally run by the Occult and so are the police.  Many would not doubt that there was a Super Moon on that May 5, 1862. 

Here is a Margarita to celebrate the Mexican Independence Day holiday.

In Mexico, there is a Tequila Sprits and Cocktails show on May 4, 5 / 2012 www.tequilaandmore.com

Just a note on the above where is says “Sprits”.  The name came from the old days where they would say “Sprits” because when you drink too much it weakens you and allows spirits to jump in to your head charka and possession occurs.  The sprits hang out on the edges of door frames and jump on to your head and slither-in the head charka.  (Slither-In, yes like in Harry Potter).  Some say the Church know this and that is why they have sloped doors and window frames to make the sprits just slide off, preventing possession.  

There is more to come on this topic. 
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