The Best Places To Get A Tattoo This Summer

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

The Best Places To Get A Tattoo This Summer

The top tattoo artists in the game might have conflicting opinions over designs — especially whether or not inking your partner's name on your body is bad luck — but the one thing they can agree on is that there's no wrong time to get body art. We, on the other hand, like to play favorites with the one time of year we have ample opportunity to show off our fresh ink the most: summer.

The season of heat waves might not come to mind as perfect tattoo weather, but once you see the designs that are currently trending online, you may just change your tune. From thighs to backs, the placement trends sweeping Instagram are perfect for summer clothing and long days outside.

Need help figuring out exactly where to start? All the inspiration you need for the four sweet spots to consider inking this summer, ahead,

Thigh Tattoos

You'll rarely find a dainty tattoo on someone's thigh. Expect thick, bold and clean lines.

Some people love tattoos packed with meaning — and this unlikely jellyfish option is no exception. It's said that the free-swimming marine creatures represent finding balance in your life and going with the flow.

Last year, Sophie Turner paid a visit to tattoo artist Curt Montgomery for this rad thigh tattoo. The result: A minimal outline of a woman — a woman suspiciously similar to the one on her husband Joe Jonas' arm.

Good news: Montgomery tells us that thigh tattoos are some of the easiest to create. "I always say, for me to do a really nice tattoo, hopefully, it's on the upper thigh," he says. "That's because it's a flat surface and the pain is very tolerable since you're not going to move around a whole bunch."

When minimal is your thing, you can still include the tiny details that make your tattoo stand apart from everyone else's.

This design takes on two trends at once, including watercolor ink.

You can officially count Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina star Tati Gabrielle as a fan of this trend.

Shoulder Tattoos

Like wrist tattoos, shoulders are a fit for anyone who likes to keep their personal real estate dainty, but impressive nonetheless.

Can you think of a better spot to show off your most colorful tattoo? We can't.

Although Halsey boasts dozens of tattoos, the rose on her shoulder is a favorite of ours.

One scroll through Instagram and you'll notice flower tattoos are some of the most popular designs for shoulders.

Whether they're tiny and bursting with color…

… or so big the art expands from your collarbone down to your elbow, this is one sweet spot for summer you don't want to miss.

Back Tattoos

The best part about back tattoos? You've got tons of surface area to play with and cover in art.

For singer Lauren Jauregui, this includes trailing script right down her spine.

Not a fan of dainty ink? Go for something large and symbolic instead.

Just below the nape of the neck is a popular spot for a medium-sized design.

Tattoo artist Jess Chen proves that color makes any design that much more unique.

These floral stems are equal parts realistic and whimsical.

Ankle Tattoos

UK-based illustrator and tattoo artist Lotte Vanns says there's something coy about a tattoo placement that's easily revealed by an unrolled sock.

But not everyone wants to play coy…

The area may be small, but you have tons of space for creativity down there, like this pointillism-inspired dot work that greets almost everyone who looks down to admire your shoe game.

Consider a design that twists from the side and finishes somewhere below the back of your ankle.

Add some jewelry and no one can avoid noticing your ankle art.

Bonus: It's the perfect spot to get a matching tattoo with your sister, best friend, or S.O.

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You can publish this article on your website as long as you provide a link back to this page.

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