Throwing a House Party: How to Survive

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Throwing House Party,

The modern world is snowed under lots of tasks and it is rather difficult to find time for meetings with friends or family. We are looking forward to these moments to come but when they are approaching we stress out and worry. Why is this happening? One of the recent surveys claims that half of the responders find throwing a party more nerve-racking than having a job interview or performing in front of an audience. The reasons are rather simple: we worry that we will be judged: is the food tasty? Is my furniture good? Is the bathroom clean? Below we have gathered all the necessary tips for those who want to throw a perfect party without any stress and anxiety. We hope that you will like them as much as we do!

How to prepare for the house party: useful tips

First things first, you need to decide what type of party you will throw: having a clear image will help you to choose food, drinks, decorations, and whatnot. It can be a specific-event party (football or baseball game, Oscar’s or Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show), karaoke or a table-game party. You can also ask guests to dress up to follow a particular theme. When the theme is chosen and the guests are invited, you should think about lighting. It always sets the tone. The main area should be brighter, while the guest area should have a more intimate light to make guests feel comfortable and warm. After the lighting comes decorations. Not to spend a fortune you can use items that you have at home: candles, vases, and tablecloths. Can you imagine a party without music? If not, the next step is considering the playlist. Start with more relaxed songs, while the guests will be arriving. When the party unfolds, music should be faster and encourage guests to dance. Don’t forget to end the party with slower and calmer music. If the budget allows, you can invite a DJ or a live band. This will give your guests the feeling that they are at a concert. To add more fun you can offer your guests to play various games like beer pong, billiard, darts, and whatnot. And don’t forget about karaoke! When music and games are ready, you need to think about food and drinks. No one wants to leave a party hungry! The golden rule here is to plan all the dishes ahead and to make them as simple as possible. Stick to finger foods or appetizers, which will be available all the time and guests won’t need forks or a dining table. Finger food is rather simple to cook in advance, so you can also enjoy the party instead of spending the evening in the kitchen. Set up a drinking station, where every guest can be a bartender. Use a cart or a small table to place alcohol, glasses, ice, and mixers, where anyone can create drinks. But don’t forget to have enough alcohol or you will have to drive to a local store in the middle of the night!

Gambling games are always a great choice

One of the best ways of relieving stress after a party is playing a few rounds of online table games like real money blackjack, maybe some easy-going variations of craps, roulette or poker. By the way, it could be a great theme for a party and you can center everything on it: poker tables, cards, whiskey, closed windows, background music. You can even invite a professional blackjack player to teach your friends a few tricks! Don’t forget asking your guests to wear appropriate clothes. Thus you will get great stylish photos afterward.

A great house party is about to start!

We all want to be queens and kings of every party. Especially when we host it! But sometimes preparation takes so much time and energy that we simply don’t experience the thrill and happiness when the party is actually taking place. After reading this article you know all the things to consider, when preparing for a party: theme, lighting, decorations, music, blackjack, food and drinks. Having everything planned with ease the stress and will let you enjoy the party to the fullest!

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