5 Things About Online Casinos You May Not Have Known

There are a lot of facts you know about online casinos, but there are even more things you don’t know. That’s why we will present to you top 5 things you never knew about online establishments and online places where you gamble right now. These are impressive facts that will shock some of you and probably help you find the online casino you will use for many years in the future.

Slots have the biggest share of the games

Did you know that slots available in online casinos have 70% of the share of all the games available there? The reason why is simple. Online slots are more than just popular and they have been the most common choice of millions of gamblers. Slots are also based on movies, TV shows and actual characters which all make them even more appealing. Last but not least, there are over 10.000 slots available online which makes them the most common online casino games on the web.

Some games offer 99% RTP

Let’s explain what RTP means first. It stands for a return to player and in percentages, it refers to the amount of money a game will return to the player. If you bet $100, a slot with 99% of RTP will give you $99 back at least. Yes these slots have the massive jackpots, free spins, and bonuses as well. Professional gamblers like this advantage and they have been using it for ages. It simply makes your pods for winning higher and therefore makes gambling safer and more desirable. Don’t think that other games have very low return to player. Almost all slots have between 96% and 98%. It is another reason why slots are very popular these days.

You are free to use any strategy you like

If you have watched some movies about Las Vegas and gambling at some of the land casinos, you may think that using strategies in casinos is banned and security will throw you out as soon as possible. This isn’t the truth and at all online casinos, you can use any strategy you like. There are no limits whatsoever and you are free to gamble as long as you want, use all strategies you know about and use them on all games. Don’t think that there are strategies for poker only. There are strategies for slots, table games and even for live games. In other terms, you can find a strategy that actually works and use it to make a profit without any limitations and you can use it as long as you like. As a matter of fact, this is something that millions of gamblers have been using for decades. There is a non deposit strategy too, you can find new free no deposit casino bonus codes – CasinoHEX.in and claim them, but don’t forget about the wagering requirements.

You can win millions and withdraw them without a single issue

 Some of you believe that at an online casino you can win a small amount of money and withdraw it, while large amounts cannot be won nor withdrawn. This is a common myth. In reality, you can win and withdraw over $30 million of winnings to your account without a single issue. The biggest amount ever won in an online casino is over €17 million and it was won in 2013 by a Finish gambler. Since then, thousands of people have won millions in India and in other countries. You have full rights to win and spend your winnings and there are no complications present.

All casinos use a random number generator

This is the main reason why all gamblers have the same odds when it comes to online casinos. Random number generator is software that will stop a game such as a blackjack to display a new card at a specific moment. This happens in a millisecond and it cannot be tweaked, it is completely random. For gamblers, this means that gambling is fair. In addition, all games are tested for fairness and approved on a regular basis.

The final word

These were some of the things you probably didn’t know about your favorite online casino. Well, now you know and you can get a better idea about this form of gambling and what it has to offer and how it actually works.

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