What Kind of Online Casino Player Are You?

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The online casino sector is hugely popular nowadays. People are stuck in their homes and are trying to find as many activities as they could in self-isolation. This is because the governments in many countries worldwide have implemented lockdowns to help contain the spread of the 2019 coronavirus.

Online casinos in Canada, United States, Australia, Italy, and many other countries have found that there has been a spike in online gambling activities since the lockdown. This makes sense as people can’t really go out to gamble in land casinos because many of them are forced to temporarily close their doors.

Now, you may be one of those people who have just recently got into online gambling. It’s a fun and exciting activity, that’s for sure. Studies have found that online gambling has a positive impact on one’s mental health too. Many would also say that playing online casino games is their way of relaxing.

Whether you’re new to the gambling scene or not, you probably have already developed a playing habit. Take the time to assess yourself and see which type of online casino player you are on this list that we have for you.

The Beginner

All players go through this phase, that’s for sure. As a beginner, you have the need to ask others about the game that you’re playing. You have a lot of questions and you are still looking for the best casino game that you could play.

There surely is nothing wrong with being a beginner. Experts may taunt you about being one but this shouldn’t scare you to learn. Google can be your best friend if you want to know more about the games that you play and to learn betting strategies that would work for you.

You are no longer a newbie if you don’t ask many questions anymore and if you already have developed your own strategies. You are also starting to teach real newbies or beginners once you’re out of this phase.

Casual gamer

A casual gamer is someone who doesn’t play online casino games all the time. You are this type of player if you only play at least once a week on real money slot sites or wager on sports occasionally. You don’t spend much on online gambling activities and you don’t really take this seriously. You only gamble if you have the time to kill and money to risk.

The Professional

A professional gambler is someone who relies on online casinos or sports wagers to make a living. To be a professional gambler, at least sixty percent of your income should be coming from gambling activities. This means that you get to pay for your rent, utilities, and basic needs with the money that you win from gambling.

A professional gambler has his or her own strategies already when it comes to the games that they play. They are strategical with the bets that they place and they treat gambling as their business. Gambling is just a really serious business for this type of player.

Free finder

You are this kind of player if you only play online casino games for free. Now, even if you play for free, you still get to win real money, that’s for sure. There are online casinos that allow players to play with no deposit. However, know that to be able to withdraw your winnings, you will still need to make a deposit. Still, you got to play for free and get to be sure that you have won something before you make a deposit.

It’s simply a joy for you to get free spins, bonuses, and extra money to spend on when it comes to playing online. You are this player if you are only after free games to play that could make you win money.

The drama king or queen

You are this kind of player if you have quite a temper. It means that you are expressive when you’re frustrated. You get really angry if you lose and you probably sometimes rage quit. This could also be you if you tear up a bit with your losses.

If you win, you make sure that you make quite the scene and let everybody know about it. You celebrate every victory and mourn for your loss. The bottom line is that you are the drama king or queen if you are emotional and are reactive on the results of the games that you play.

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